Days in the Woods

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This opus is as always fiction all parties involved in sexual relations are of legal age (18+). This story contains Greek mythology if that turns you off it’s time to leave. I have a hard time not developing my characters I know some of you want short reads they are not available here. I personally like romance so if you want D/s or S&m wrong place here. I have Lakota people in this story so you will have to remember names that most will not be accustomed to. As always feel free to comment and rate I do answer questions and would love suggestions. Be warned this story clocks in at 19+K. As always I wish to thank SexyK for editing my dyslexic typing.


Mina (eldest daughter) Little Bear decided to spend the day in the state park about 40 miles out of town. She liked to go there on her own. She had found a very secluded place where she could join with nature. She was single, a 32-year-old Lakota woman. Her hair hung to her waist, straight and black. She was tall, five feet eleven inches. Her body was slender at only 132 pounds. Her bust was small but sexy with puffy brown nipples. Her pubes were straight and black, but sparse, not shaven or trimmed — you got her as is. She ran as well as swam. She did lift weights but not to the point of getting bulky. Her face had classic Native American features — high cheekbones, Roman nose, full lips, and deep brown, almost black, eyes. She was striking to look at. To her, the defining feature of her body was the rainbow tattoo on her left arm. Yes, she was gay. And proud of it.

The place where she planned to spend the day was not easy to get to so she was sure to be alone. The park was too far from population centers to be busy on a weekday. She planned to spend the day alone nude.

Mina had packed a lunch of fruit and nuts, and a loaf of sourdough whole wheat bread. As an afterthought, she had put a bottle of beer in her backpack. She would cool the beer in the stream that ran past the spot she had chosen. She had also packed a towel and a thin blanket. She had decided to ride her bike to the park. It was a warm mid-June day. The backpack was strapped onto the rear of the vintage 1940 Harley Knucklehead big twin. She had done the restoration herself. The bike was painted black with gold. It ran very well so she had no qualms about using it. It was garaged, awaiting its run down the highway. She rolled it out and kicked it to life. After a stop at the gas station, Mina shot down the road and was at the park in three quarters of an hour. She pulled off the state road onto an unmarked unpaved road and made her way through a little known back park entrance. When she found the desired spot, she parked her hog, strapped her helmet to the handlebars, grabbed her backpack, and started to hike.

As expected, she saw no one. This was her secret place. She had told no one of its existence. Mina would love to share her place with a lover, but in the small town where she lived, that was not likely to happen. She had met a woman who had interest in trying, but only if her husband could watch and join them. Mina knew better than to be a third in any relationship. She would not have sex with a man either — she would go to a bigger city to find someone. This had proven difficult: she had little problem with bedding a girl, but getting her to move back to this small town seemed impossible. She just had to settle for masturbation, becoming very proficient at self-loving.

It took her another 20 minutes to trek to her spot in the forest. It was very secluded, quite pretty, exactly what she wanted. There was a fallen tree — she climbed over it to a small patch of open ground where she would recline. Next to the area was a small stream that formed a deep pool at this location. She laid out her blanket and sat on the tree, removing her leather jacket, boots, and socks. Next came her blue jeans and red t-shirt. She wore no bra — she never did when she was not at work. Mina stood and slipped off the pair of cotton panties she wore when she went riding. They were comfortable and absorbent. She sweated under the heat of the sun with the jacket on and tried to avoid getting a heat rash on her pussy.

She placed the beer into the spot she had found in the stream where the rocks would hold it in place. She lay down, commencing to give herself release from her lustful thoughts about her fellow teacher, Jennifer Hastings. Jennifer was a petite white girl compared to Mina. She had just started that year. She was very pretty with a curvy body that had lit a fire in Mina. Jenny’s hair was chestnut brown, her bust was a B/C, pert and, to Mina, perfect. Jenny was very fit and strong, with a quick wit that had taken Mina off balance at first. She was too old to have gone straight from high school to college. Mina planned to ask her what she had done in the years between. Jenny also had a deep vein of assuredness that few women her age had. Jenny was not in a relationship, so Mina could fantasize she was gay. She had not, however, görükle escort bayan indicated this in any way. She did not appear to have much interest in men — perhaps she was just shy. Mina’s hand started to stroke her nipples. In her mind they were Jenny’s lips. She pulled and pinched on the little hard nubs for many minutes. Excitement was starting to build into an inferno inside her. She really would have to make an effort next school year to get closer to Jenny. But, for now, Jen just had to do as a fantasy lover. Mina had to take the chance to find out, for her sanity’s sake. Her other hand slid down her slender body to the junction of her legs and torso. This was the beginning of the end of her release. Her body was trembling with need. It required the release she was giving herself, to the vision of Jenny as the giver. She moaned as her fingers started to stroke her labia — stimulating herself causing the wetness to increase. Mina’s hips were driving at the stimulating fingers. She would finish quickly this time, and then take a nap. When the release came it came very hard. She was working herself into a dementia of satiety. Her body became rigid and she gasped in short bursts as the many spasms of her release rippled through her body.

Mina closed her mind and was going to sleep with thoughts of Jenny beside her when she felt something touch her ankle. Her eyes snapped open, and her head tilted up to look down to find out what it was. She was greeted by the sight of an old woman with grey, loosely curled hair. Her eyes were looking down at her. The woman’s eyes were fixated between Mina’s legs on her wet slit. They were filled with wonder. The older lady was in the pool and did not appear to be at all bothered by the cold of the mountain-fed water. She had a body that belied her age: She was curvy but not overly chubby, and her bosom was still pert. Mina had to admit the woman was very attractive.

“Thank you for letting me watch you. It was so beautiful. I know I am old, but it is my nature to be quite sexual. It has been a long time for me since my last lover. I am one of the Naiades, and this is my stream to oversee. You would know me as a nymph. I am actually a Potameides, a nymph of streams and rivers. I also protect and nurture girls, along with Artemis, my personal goddess. I have seen you before, but today I have chosen to meet you. Hermes told me Artemis will be coming for me — I fear I have outlived my usefulness. I was hoping I could make my passing memorable. With your help. I guess I am too old — I wish to have a partner one last time. Few people come here anymore. But you do, Mina. May I lie with you?”

“Yes. You may share my blanket.” The woman, although elderly looking, easily climbed out of the deep pool, to lie down next to Mina. “What is your name, old woman of the stream? How old are you? Why are you unclothed?”

“Mina, I am known as Kallisto (most beautiful). I am not sure of my age. At least one thousand years, but probably much older. I wear nothing in the water — clothing would just get wet and be heavy.”

As Kallisto spoke, her eyes were shining. It had been a long time since she had spoken to a young person. “Mina, I know you. I have seen you here many times. You do no harm to my stream so I have left you in peace. I knew your great-great-great-great-great-grandfather. In fact, I am your great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother, on your mother’s side.” This last announcement elicited a small gasp from Mina. “May I touch you, child?”

“I would be honored, wise woman. You know you are revered by my people. There are many legends of you and your kind.” Mina watched as the old one’s hand stroked her arm softly, soothingly. The stroking was sensual without a sexual overtone. It was akin to a child’s wondering touch of amazement. “Can you tell me about your life?”

“I was born in Greece a long time ago. My father was a god of a river and my mother was a nymph like me. We predated Zeus and helped to bring him into being. Later Artemis wanted to place nymphs in this place, so she brought me here when I was younger. I was alone, except for the people here and their deities. It was hard at first and I was so very lonely. When the men of your people found out I could bear them children, I had more company. Also the women came to me with their problems, and I helped with the children when they were ill. Recently, as you know, this land was taken from your people and I became lonely again. For my type of being, isolation brings on ageing. So now I am as you see me, ready for my demise, if that is my fate.”

Mina was intrigued. “If you had company, would your youth return to you, Kallisto? I know some people who might want to meet you.”

“My kind are not immortal, so I have no knowledge of what you ask. Most of the time we live with other nymphs around us. It might help or it may not. I do not know. Since Artemis is coming for me, we will never be able to find out.” All this altıparmak eskort time the gentle caresses continued on her arm. The sensations were so warming to the native woman. She wished she could help the elder but had no idea how. She had said something about being sexual.

“Do you desire the love of women, Kallisto?”

“With both men and women have I shared myself, young one. I cannot interest them anymore and, besides, they cannot find me.”

“I have found you and can bring others to you, if you wish.” “If you would just kiss me. That is all I could ask for, Mina.” Mina rolled over and gave her elder a kiss. It started out chaste but picked up a little heat. Mina felt the allure that was a part of the woman. There were several more closed mouth kisses, none overtly impassioned, but also not totally innocent. “Mina, are you a follower of Sappho?”

“Yes. All my life, Kallisto.” Mina’s finger brushed the aged woman’s face gently. In her culture, the elderly were revered. She wanted to do something for this woman, even though she acted as if she were happy.

The two were startled by a voice.

“Kallisto, have you found a friend?” It was Artemis. Her shimmering appearance was certainly as a goddess to Mina.

“Indeed. I think so, yes, my goddess! She is interesting and very beautiful. I have not tried anything with her. That would be unfair to her.”

Mina spoke up. “Artemis, I am not averse to the love of this woman, so have no concern for me. Does Kallisto have to leave me now?”

“I brought Kallisto to this place a long time ago. It has been so very hard on her that I wanted her to be happy in her old age. If she will be happy with you, she can stay. I owe her that, for her service to nature.”

Kallisto turned to Mina and spoke. “Would you like me to stay here, young one?”

“I think you must choose that which makes you happy!” Mina said with a smile on her face.

Kallisto looked back to the goddess. “I would like to spend some time with Mina if I am allowed, my goddess.”

“I approve, Kallisto. But when you are ready to depart this place, call for me and either I or Aphrodite will return for you.”

Mina looked up at Artemis and asked her the burning question. “Goddess, if Kallisto makes love to young people, will that return some of her youth?”

“No one would know the answer to that young one. None of the nymphs has ever been alone before. She will have to experiment, but it might be possible. I think the love of women would be more potent for this task. Men tend to drain the youth from my nymphs.” Mina reached out with a sparkle in her eye and took Kallisto’s hand.

“I would like to get to know you, Kallisto. You have much to teach me. You are the eldest elder I have ever known,” Mina said with reverence.

Kallisto looked into the tall woman’s eyes. “Yes, I have seen many things in my time. Your great-grandmother and I talked incessantly when she was a girl. As did your grandmother and, for a short time, your mother. I loved teaching my children, and theirs as well.”

Artemis was tiring of this woman talk. “Now is the time I take my leave, Kallisto. Call for me when you wish to leave. Both of you are under my protection here.” She disappeared into the trees.

“Kallisto, what did you mean by ‘children’?”

“Mina, I am the mother of your ancestor. His wife had trouble conceiving so he mated with me. I gave my son to him to raise with his wife. So you see, my dear one, you are also my child.” Kallisto said this with a smile. Her kind had no prohibitions about mating with relatives, although she had never done so to her knowledge.

“I would like to bring my ancestral women to see you! I know they would like to pay their respects to you. I just hope I can get great-grandmama to you. She is infirm now, Kallisto. Would you allow me this honor?”

Kallisto’s eyes were alive with excitement! She had wanted to see her girls again but thought she never would. “I have missed them greatly over the years! Please bring them to see me if you can! I would like to give you kisses, Mina, if you would not mind.” Mina leaned in for what she thought would be a standard Kallisto motherly kiss. What she got did not fit that description. Kallisto’s lips were soft at first but insistent, and soon her tongue licked Mina’s embouchure, which startled her. Mina gave in and returned the kiss, to Kallisto’s delight. Again, it was not so much sexual as sensual. The kiss was very nice and meant so much to both of them for diverse reasons. Kallisto was in need; her very nature was to mate as often as she could. Mina wanted to become closer to this woman for that purpose alone.

When the kiss finally ended, the black-haired woman opened her eyes, startled by what she saw. Kallisto’s hair was now salt and pepper over a younger looking face. Kallisto was smiling. “That was so needed, my darling Mina. I feel younger just for that simple kiss.”

Mina’s nilüfer escort expression intrigued Kallisto, until the native woman finally spoke. “My Kallisto, you look many years younger as well — just from a kiss!”

Mina sat up and pulled her cell phone from her backpack. She saw she had some signal, so she called her mother.

“Mother! I have met the most amazing person! She told me that you knew her years ago. Do you remember Kallisto?”

Mina heard her mother let out a loud gasp. “You’ve met her!? Where, C’unkshi (daughter)?”

“I am up in the state park by a stream. Kallisto and I are talking. She wants to see you, grandma, and great-grandmama again. Do you think that could be arranged?” Mina gave Kallisto a big grin.

Zonta (trustworthy), Mina’s mother, was sitting talking to her mother, Makawee (earth maiden), and asked her if this was possible. Mina could hear her grandmother’s excitement in her mother’s voice when she said, “Not just possible but necessary. Your unci (maternal grandmother) will kill us both if Ehawee (laughing maid, Makawee’s mother) does not see her k’unshi (paternal grandmother). She said for her t’akója (grandchild) to arrange this for her. I remember this woman from my youth. She has seen so very much and has great wisdom.”

“Can you arrange this for tomorrow, Iná (mother)?” Mina again heard the two elder women talking but could not make out a word.

Zonta came back. “How difficult is it to get to the place where you are, Mina?”

“Iná, if you and I take turns, we can carry great-grandmother. Or we could get a stretcher from Chaska (eldest son).”

“I’ll call him and see. You know your brother is not keen on lending out his EMS equipment. I’ll try to bribe him with a meal.” Mina heard her mother laugh. “I’d better get busy. I’ll text you with details, baby. ‘Bye!” The connection ended. Mina relayed what had been said, and Kallisto bent over to give her another kiss. In Kallisto’s mind, this would be an innocent one. The effect on the native woman was anything but innocent — Mina was getting very excited very quickly. Luckily, the nymph slowed the kiss and let it end. When Mina could open her eyes again, her companion had lost most all of her grey, and her breasts were firmer and higher.

Kallisto looked at the wonder in Mina’s eyes. “Am I making you uncomfortable by kissing you? I can stop. It is just so natural to me and my kind.” Mina realized it was the sharing of her bodily fluids that was bringing back the nymph’s youth.

The tall, slender woman answered. “Every kiss has taken years off of your appearance. I find it quite amazing! I absolutely enjoy you and your kisses! It is hard for me to be intimate with someone I don’t know. You do, however, emanate sex to me.” Mina was very intrigued by the nymph. She seemed to know instinctively that Kallisto would be a fabulous lover. She was held back by thoughts of incest even though their relationship was so distant. Mina opened her backpack and offered her guest an apple. Kallisto accepted and smiled at the young woman.

“You are so kind, my young daughter. Feeding me already in our new relationship.” Kallisto proceeded to bite into the fruit she hadn’t seen in so long. Mina took out a pear for herself. It was ripe and juicy. She looked at the nymph, who was staring at her. “I remember these from long ago, child.”

“Would you like a taste?”

“Oh, yes! If you would, my dear.” Kallisto answered, her eyes sparkling at the sight of the fruit. Mina handed her the pear. The older woman looked it over and took a small bite. Her face took on a surprised expression.

“Oh, by the gods! These fruit are sublime, Mina!” Kallisto held out the fruit she had sampled to return it. “I appreciate the new knowledge of an old form of ambrosia, my young teacher of wonderments.” Kallisto leaned in and gave Mina another of her wonderful kisses. She lost more age.

“Kallisto, how long do nymphs live, normally?” The teacher wanted to know.

“It depends upon the type. Forest nymphs are immortal — tree nymphs live for the life of their tree. My type lives as long as their waterway lasts. And all can be killed before their time. I know I have aged prematurely. I should not be dying, or even old. I was so lonely. I was fading away. Until we met today.” Kallisto was very happy with her decision to meet the young woman finally. She felt so much like her old self.

Mina then leaned in and gave her a deep, open-mouthed kiss, starting a long round of oral gymnastics. Kallisto finally put a stop to the activities. She was getting so excited she could not trust her self control. Mina had been without loving too long to stop on her own. She felt as though she had known the nymph all her life. They just lay with arms about each other for most of the afternoon.

Mina opened her beer and offered a sip to her companion. Kallisto had never tasted this before — it was interesting but not to her liking at all.

“Mina, do your people have wine? It is so nice! But I have had none for my whole time here.”

“Yes! Would you like me to bring some with me when I bring my mothers tomorrow?”

“That would be a nice touch to a family celebration! But not too much, child — you must be safe in your travels.”

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