Deidre in the Islands Ch. 12

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Janine’s hands were shaking as she punched the keypad of the elevator next to the “Penthouse” button. She had been asked to come up to Deidre’s penthouse by an invitation sent through Marjorie, just as the costume party was winding down. It was a shock to her when Marjorie said she would not be coming along. Her new and dodgy European friend then disappeared. Knowing that Marjorie and Deidre often shared a bed, she had assumed that a lesbian threesome was in the making and that Marjorie would help her satisfy the older woman’s legendary appetite for men and women. Now, the nervous would-be gonzo journalist would have to join the awesomely beautiful icon of extreme femininity in bed for the first time alone! Could she ever meet the expectations of the voraciously sexual Deidre by herself?

Janine was so nervous that couldn’t remember the code Marjorie gave her. Oh yes, she thought. It was 6942. She punched it in and the elevator rose, past the floor with the activity rooms and theater. A breeze from the air movement tickled her bare thighs and reminded her that she was naked. The elevator whooshed past the regular guest rooms, past the fourth floor (beloved of the gay guests), past the premium guest rooms, and finally stopping at the penthouse level.

Janine’s best feature was her tits and they were very nice, C-cup with huge pink areolas around the nipples. But she was a smaller woman and her boobs were nothing compared to Deidre’s perfect mammary globes or Marjorie’s ripe hanging fruit. She knew that Marjorie was almost a sexual match for Deidre but Janine could never keep up – they were out of her league! She wished she were not left to face Deidre alone. She wished Marjorie had come with her and not left her alone. She was scared!

Suddenly, Janine was very conscious of her body paint. She had spent the last four hours standing around, dancing, and drinking with big female reproductive organs painted on the pale skin of her abdomen, not thinking twice about it except as a joke. Now, about to face the awesome and publicly bisexual Deidre, Janine felt more naked than her nudity, as if those pink ovaries painted under her ribs were actually hers and Deidre would be able to see right inside her and judge her inadequate.

Deidre herself had disappeared from the costume party about a half hour before. Probably to prepare for Janine, Janine thought. Why did Deidre want to see her privately? Was this simply about influencing Janine’s story or was Deidre actually attracted to her? Why was she hot for Janine, when she could have her pick of any man or woman at Iznoma Hedonia? What sexual acts would Deidre desire from her? Did Deidre want to do something involving Janine’s tits? Would Janine experience pleasure or would Deidre take what she wanted and leave Janine wanting and desperate? Would she turn into a full-time lesbian after experiencing love with Deidre? Janine had no idea and was frightened to her core, but still she was inexorably drawn to the fantasy of submitting to Deidre’s sexual desire and releasing her own inhibitions by surrendering her will to the powerful, seductive, dominating, and more beautiful older woman.

Janine stepped out into a roofed colonnade, a long space between the elevator door and the entrance to the penthouse in front of her, open to the fresh, cooling sea air and with views of the ocean on one side and the town on the other. The bronze-colored columns tapered from the bottom to the top, like the shapely thighs of a woman lying on her back. There was a wooden bench, in case anyone had to be kept waiting, and some flowers in big clay pots. Tall Island traditional carvings, made from palm tree trunks, were mounted on brass brackets to the columns, made for a sort of outdoor art gallery to liven up the space. Janine glanced at the carvings as she passed, then did a double take and took a better look. The carvings obviously represented penises, with finely detailed copulating couples incised on the sides. Janine looked for lesbians among the figures on the carvings and didn’t find any.

The door to the penthouse was set in an entrance that looked like a boat, coming to a point at the top. The colored light fixture hung above the door looked like a pink pearl. The double doors were wide and covered with brown leather. Janine knew what it was designed to look like – the entrance to a woman.

Janine approached the doorbell with sweaty palms. Janine noticed that the doorbell was a brown, round knob sitting on a rounded ceramic base the same shape as her own boobs but the same bronze color as the columns. Janine touched it gingerly and then pushed it and waited. Her mind wandered.

Deidre was the most sexually alluring woman on the planet, a pornstar of global acclaim as well as a really astute businesswoman – the brains behind Iznoma Hedonia. Janine was just a young journalist with pale white skin, now beginning to tan a bit, a big rack with oversize pink areolas on her tits, apple-shaped ass, and a curvy body, who had been lucky enough to be assigned to write the story. Which she had already decided would not be a traditional personality profile or even an ironic travel piece on the libertine resort – no, she would write bursa eskort bayan in a new style. Her magazine, Against Moss, had been famous for “gonzo journalism” in the 1970’s – well, now it was 1985 and Janine was going to take it in a new direction – gonzo pornography! Her story was going to be a stream of consciousness, subjective, barely coherent rambling account of how she, herself, felt subjectively while she was getting ogled, seduced, felt up, fondled, fingered, shtupped, diddled, cornholed, and passed around the last several days. It was first-person journalism, eye witness to the “I” witness’s feelings about the events that surrounding her and caught her up, free from the constraints of fact and narrative and liberated to follow….well, she wasn’t sure exactly what but it sure sounded good. She’d work on the details, she thought, but that was how she would explain it someday to the hordes of journalism students who would come knocking at her door after she became famous as the inventor of “gonzo porn”.

But that confidence-building thought rapidly evaporated as her mind came back to the present moment. She had to confront the reality that there was no turning back. She had already pushed the doorbell. She was delivering herself up to the queen of sensual desire, to do with her – and to her – what the queen willed. She was submitting her body and her anxious mind to the experience, to abandon herself to rampant lust and to feel it coursing deep in her body, all the better to write about it later. She was a dedicated journalist.

The door opened and a maid who was dressed in a staff uniform greeted Janine. She spoke with a mixed accent of Spanish and British and a casual “avast!”, reflecting the heritage of the Islands and its infamous pirates. The maid asked politely if Janine was Janine and on being reassured that she was led the nervous journalist through the elegant entrance hall of the penthouse, with huge flowers on display in a big open vase on a marble pedestal, and into a side room. The maid smiled but did not comment on Janine’s outrageous body art. Janine could only think that she had seen it all and was simply escorting another lamb to her slaughter.

Passing through the entrance hall, Janine caught a glimpse of an elegant formal dining room to the right but the maid led her to the left, through what seemed to be a formal, British colonial-style sitting room into a smaller room in the back with huge louvered windows open toward the ocean, with a spectacular view of the mountain to the south (called “Mount Deidre” because of its rounded shape, protuberance on top, and slope on one side).

The lights in this room were turned down but the glow from the resort below and the brightness of the moon made it easy to see. The deep salmon-pink color of the walls gave her a warm feeling of being enclosed, or even inside something organic and natural. It was a strong feeling and she knew perfectly well what it was meant to represent.

The penthouse was a tropical dream. It looked like a Caribbean villa on the beach, not a penthouse on top of a hotel. There were flowers everywhere. There was a sofa, where the maid had indicated she was to be seated, facing two loveseats, all upholstered in very soft leather and stacked with plush, yielding throw pillows. In the middle was a very large, low Oriental-style brass table – or possibly set of brass tables pushed together. Janine couldn’t tell which because it was mostly covered with a deep-pile, oriental carpet, exquisite with pink flower designs with red centers against a bronze-ochre colored background. The table formed a platform large enough for two women to lie on.

There were other furnishings, some of which seemed to have uses that were not obvious. Against one wall was a padded bench and a solid-looking chair with a padded seat and back that was set back at an angle, with no arms but with peculiar straps on each of the two front stair legs, at just the right place for a foothold. Janine stared at it, wondering what it used for. There were sturdy-looking hooks and rings mounted in the ceiling and Janine wondered what was hung on them. On one wall was a display case for a collection of dildos, at least a hundred of them, of all various sizes and styles.

The maid came back in with a tall drink, one of the many special rum recipes served at Iznoma Hedonia. In her nervousness, Janine gulped the drink down before realizing that it was stronger than the usual pina colada and not as sweet. It was smooth, creamy, with a slightly salty taste and left a slippery feel in her mouth. She knew what it reminded her of.

Janine looked around the room some more. Deidre had obviously spent a lot of time creating this little erotic nest for herself. The art in the room was exquisite and highly sexual. The paintings were nudes, mostly, with some scenes from mythology of Greek gods fornicating and other scenes of abandon, some lesbian and a few showing what looked like women with dicks. Statues of nude men with erections and women in all degrees of exposure and stages of copulation were scattered on bookcases and placed in niches in the wall with museum-style lighting. Deidre was bursa otele gelen eskort bayan so sophisticated, Janine thought. How could Janine ever measure up?

But what caught Janine’s eye after she sat down was right in front of her. On the table, just sitting there in plain sight, was a black leather belt and dildo strap-on harness with a large, firm, bright red silicone cock already fitted into the harness. Next to the strap-on was the usual bowl of condoms (seen everywhere at Iznoma Hedonia) and a big dispenser bottle of lubricant.

Janine avoided looking at it for several minutes but here eyes always came back to the strap-on harness. She was sure it was not just left there for decoration. She wondered, in a panic, if this huge artificial member was left over from the previous guest or meant for her. Then she noticed that it was completely clean. It had either been cleaned thoroughly or it had never been used. It was obviously there for a purpose, Janine was sure now, not just left behind by the previously penetrated. She was also sure that she was the purpose. As the seconds dragged by, she stared the strap-on, unable to resist its erotic menace, comparing the dildo to dicks she had had. This was definitely larger. It was at least as large around as the hand of the masseuse who fisted her that first night, but it was much longer and – come to think of it, maybe it was thicker, because the masseuse had really small hands. Damn! Would it hurt going in? Would it stretch her beyond repair? Would it make her walk funny afterward?? Would she ever be the same again??? What if Deidre wanted her ass???! She found herself wondering how she could ever take it and started to hyperventilate. She was losing control of herself! She wanted to run away! And she didn’t even know for sure if it was meant for her yet!

Just then, with flair and a swing of the hips, Deidre entered the room, in all her glory! She took Janine’s remaining breath away, as she did all the lucky people, men and women, who had the chance to see her body close up. Janine felt butterflies in her stomach and worried that she might throw up from excitement. Then Deidre smiled at her, a tight-lipped feline smile, and Janine felt riveted to her seat and honored to be in the presence of towering mature and such powerful female-ness.

Deidre’s body painting was spectacular, of course, even more spectacular than Janine’s. A black leather dominatrix outfit was painted right on her bronze skin. Leather straps were holding up her abundant, firm breasts and a wide belt with an intricate leather buckle was tightly constricting her unnaturally narrow waist, and straps from it were running across her wide, fertile-looking hips and between her shapely legs, sinking into the groove between her luscious full outer lips and up through the crack of her ass to reemerge behind her to connect with rings to her belt in back. Of course, it was all an illusion and when the resort guests at the party had looked closely, especially when it was still daylight, they could see that her big, succulent nipples were not really pushing through holes in the leather, that her thick, leaf-like normally leather-brown lips were camouflaged by black paint and hid her salmon-pink cunt only so long as her legs were closed, and that her high, firm breasts did not need any support. Her perfect skin or long blonde hair was no illusion, however. Deidre was astonishingly beautiful for any age. For a woman in her forties, she was unbelievable, a living monument to natural estrogen.

Janine felt so inadequate.

“I like your uterus,” said Deidre. It took Janine a moment to realize that Deidre was referring to the painted organ on her belly, a masterpiece of body art but one that made her a little self-conscious at the moment, as if Deidre could see her sexual organs right through her and into the confusion and turmoil she was feeling in them just then.

“I like your leather straps. They look so real.” Janine couldn’t say more. She was wondering if Deidre was going to strap her down tonight with real leather straps.

“You came,” said Deidre in her sultry voice, starting the conversation over again. Was this a statement of fact about the invitation, a description of how Janine had spent the day, or a prediction?

Janine felt weak in the knees even though she was sitting down. “You invited me,” she replied, with a shaky voice. Janine’s clit gave a little spasm. How could she ever hold her own against this woman?

“I did,” rejoined Deidre. “I wanted your company. You came here to do a job but you are doing more…. Much more….”

Janine almost choked as she said, “I am doing my job. I am experiencing what I will write about.” Janine suddenly felt her cunt juice.

Deidre smiled a half-smile, the corner of her left lip curling up. “And are you enjoying what you are experiencing?”

“Yes-s,” Janine said in a low tone, as if this were a psychodrama and she was confessing her inner torment, torn between desire and apprehension. “I am experiencing pleasure I have never known.” A small drop of her juice dripped and rolled down the inside of her leg.

Deidre bursa eve gelen escort looked her in the eyes. “Would you like to experience more?”

“How can I experience more when what I have experienced is already so new and overwhelming?” Janine blurted it out. She felt her strength ebbing away. She thought she might faint.

“You are playing with words now. We will simply play with those same words and in our imagination and passion we will score at new heights.”

Janine felt like she would pass out with fear and passion. “I don’t know if I am ready….” She squeaked in a tiny voice, starting to pass out from the tension.

“Of course you are,” snorted Deidre. “You are a journalist and you know many words. You should be very good at Scrabble with your vocabulary.”

“What?” said Janine, confused.

“You know, the word game.” Deidre was bringing out a battered and obviously well used box of the game from under the sofa and was beginning to put the letter tiles face down on the table next to the dildo, which she shoved to the side. “We count only dirty words, gynecological terms, and names of famous lovers, pornstars or prostitutes. Since there are no dirty words with z in them, the letter z is wild, like a joker in cards. The word “cum” subtracts three points from your total if you use it because it’s too easy and uses up too many valuable letters. You got it, hon?”

Janine was stunned. “You mean you just asked me up here to play a board game with you?”

“Sure, hon. It’s a great icebreaker. It’ll a great way to pass the time while we talk. We’ll do that interview you want tomorrow morning but I thought we’d get to know one another first.”

“So you didn’t…. I wasn’t…. You’re not going to…. Oh, I thought…. ” And Janine burst into tears from all her anxiety and foreboding. “I was so scared!”

“Hon! What’s the matter? Come here to Deidre, baby.” In a moment Deidre was standing in front of Janine, hugging her, kissing the top of her head and stroking her hair. “You got all worked up for nothing! It’s just me!”

Janine’s face was beet red from embarrassment – here she had built up the encounter with Deidre in her mind and all the woman wanted was to play Scrabble! She was ashamed of herself! It was like that first day on the beach, when she couldn’t take the overstimulation and had to run back to her hotel room like a scaredy cat. She couldn’t control herself, like a mature woman!

Still, despite her shame, it felt wonderful to be in Deidre’s arms. The older woman was much taller and was standing up, so Janine was looking straight at her pussy. There was the slightest whiff of fragrance, Janine stood up to respond to a sudden urge to kiss Deidre, who had to lean down a little but the kiss was full on the lips and passionate, but only on the lips. Then Deidre gathered Janine in her arms and Janine’s face nestled in the deep valley between Deidre’s full, ripe, firm breasts. Her own breasts were pushed against Deidre’s warm lower chest. Deidre was holding Janine firmly and had wrapped her arms around her back. Janine’s arms surrounded Deidre’s exceptionally, almost freakishly narrow waist and her unnaturally flat and taught belly. Her belly was warmed against Deidre’s womanly hips and her legs stood straight between Deidre’s bronzed, shapely tapered thighs, her legs apart and bent at the knees.

The two women stayed that way for a long time. Janine could feel the warm air rise from Deidre’s groin. Deidre smelled warm and musky and Janine inhaled deeply. It seemed to Janine that she was drawing all her warmth and feeling from Deidre’s body at that moment, flowing into her own body and lifting her up to float on….

It suddenly occurred to Janine that she was becoming very aroused. Another drop of vaginal fluid rolled out of her and ran down the inside of her leg. She felt confused. Was she being comforted or seduced?

By now Deidre had sat down on the edge of the brass table, half on the carpet thrown over it and half on the cool metal and had drawn Janine to her. Her face was at the level of Janine’s belly and she was looking at the younger woman’s body artwork. Deidre traced her finger down the length of Janine’s painted vagina. “Beautiful!” she said. “Can I see the real thing? Did Giselle” that was the first time Janine heard the name of the masseuse turned body paint artist “get the color right?”

The last thing Janine expected, other than being asked to play Scrabble, was for this legendary seductress to ask permission for anything. Janine expected Deidre to get intimate with her cunt for sexual, not esthetic, reasons. She expected Deidre to take it when she wanted it. But this was a question about art. Anyway, Janine didn’t know the answer to Deidre’s question because she had not got a good look at her own vagina since it was painted – she needed a mirror to do that. But it seemed like a legitimate question – after all this was art. Without speaking, Janine thrust out her pelvis in response and pulled her big, youthful, puffy banana-shaped outer labia apart with her fingers. Giselle had painted over them to incorporate her entire real vulva into a huge painted cunt, sitting in her crotch at the bottom of the oversized painted vagina that ran up the middle of her belly to a painted cervix where her bellybutton was. Opened up for inspection, Janine’s real vagina was a light, bubble-gum colored pink. Her painted vagina was a slightly paler shade of pink with white highlights to make it look moist and glistening.

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