Dildos and Donuts

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Barb knew how weird I felt about sucking a fake cock.

It just seemed a little silly, getting down on my knees and licking the rubbery tip of her strap-on dildo. I did it because I knew how much it turned Barb on to watch me take that fat cockhead between my lips and imitate fellatio. It was real, to her. Not that she could feel it, but watching me suck was her favourite form of foreplay.

So I did it. For her.

“You gotta embrace the strap-on,” Barb told me as she chopped carrots for the stir-fry.

I picked one up and hugged it, pretending the fat orange veggie was a dildo. “Oh, I love you so much! Kiss, kiss, kiss.”

Laughing, she grabbed it from me. “Don’t play with your food, Missy.”

“Well, I like when you fuck me with the strap-on.” I started unpacking the groceries she’d left on the table. Barb had a habit of putting away anything that had to be refrigerated or frozen, and leaving the rest for me. “Actually, I love it when you fuck me with that thing, especially when you take me from behind and press those little finger vibes against my clit. Oh my God, I come so hard when you do that.”

“Oh yeah?” Barb teased. “I hadn’t noticed.”

I rolled my eyes, reaching into Barb’s shopping bag and pulling out a box of honey crullers. Those definitely weren’t on the list. I held them up and asked, “Donuts?”

“Those are for later,” she said.

The more I looked at the box, the more I wanted one now. “It won’t spoil my appetite if I eat just one.” I whined like a kid, playing with her. “Please, Mommy?”

“No,” she snapped, smiling. “You be a good girl and you can have one after dinner.”

Those donuts were all I could think about. Dinner was delicious, but donuts would be divine. We ate, we washed the dishes, we watched TV, but for some reason Barb kept telling me to wait. “Not yet, not yet. I’ll tell you when.”

Mmm… I could almost taste that honey sweetness on my tongue. I wanted a donut.

Barb turned off the TV and picked up the box of honey crullers en route to our bedroom. That’s when I realized something was up. I can’t believe it took me so long to clue in.

As she undressed, she said, “You know what I’d like to see you wearing? That sheer thing, like a babydoll but kind of slit down the front. You know which one I gorukle escort mean?”

I opened the closet and sorted through the hordes of lingerie I couldn’t stop buying. It was the black babydoll she had in mind. The part that cupped my breasts had buttons at the front, but it was open down my belly, and very see-through, just like the matching g-string. I changed in the walk-in closet because I always liked to make an entrance, and when I opened the door and sprang back out, I think I was more surprised than Barb.

“There are donuts on your dildo!” I said, laughing. There were two of them wrapped like cock rings around that big black dong. It was the most hilariously alluring thing I’d ever seen.

“I know,” she said. “I put them there.”

“Is that what you bought them for?”

She nodded, leaning against the bed. Barb had taken off her pants but not her button-down shirt. She’d done up the harness over her underwear, and tucked her shirttails in at the sides to keep them away from the sticky donuts. What a playful mess I was about to become. I couldn’t wait!

“It’s finally time for dessert, huh?”

“A double dose of dessert,” Barb said with a chuckle as I fell down before her.

“This is the babydoll you were talking about, right?”

The strap-on bobbed when Barb nodded wolfishly, and a nice little drizzle of honey ran down the top of the dildo, pooling when it reached the realistic cockhead.

“Oh God, I need to lick that.” I couldn’t resist. Leaning forward, I extended my tongue just enough to find a little droplet of honey glaze at the base of Barb’s cockhead.

My senses went wild when that sugary syrup hit my tongue. Maybe it was just because I’d been looking forward to those donuts all evening, but I think I had a foodgasm. I licked circles around Barb’s tip, sucking the rubbery plastic for any traces of honey.

When I looked up, Barb was gazing down at me, seeming every bit as hungry as I felt. My belly ached for sweet dough. “May I?”

Barb reached forward to press her sticky fingers to my lips, and I sucked them eagerly. Oh, I wanted sugar. I wanted more and more, and the mingling taste of her skin only added to my desire. She pushed her thumb inside my mouth, and I sucked that too, circling my tongue around and altıparmak eskort bayan around. Her skin was delicious.

Once I’d licked every trace of sticky sweetness from her fingers, she traced them though my hair, holding my head and guiding me around the side of the dildo.

“Bite,” she instructed, and I did, eagerly.

The buttery donut melted against my tongue, filling my mouth with a gush of warmth. Honey crullers were my favourite, delicate and sweet as gossamer fairy wings. I took another bite, careful only to consume the outside and leave the inner ring intact around Barb’s dildo. The last thing I wanted was for my precious donuts to fall on the floor, so I cupped my hands underneath just in case.

“Now yank it down right to the tip,” Barb said, guiding my head to the other side of the dildo.

I latched on to the donut, but it tore every time I tried to pull it with my teeth. They were finicky, honey crullers. It took more than a little finesse to ease the nearest one down, right down, all the way to the tip.

“Good girl,” Barb said, scratching behind my ear like I was a dog. “Now eat.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. Wrapping my mouth around the donut and dildo, I sucked, and the pastry melted against my tongue. When I’d swallowed every trace of that first cruller, I just kept sucking, certain I was still tasting honey in the pores of that rubberized plastic.

“Very good,” Barb applauded. “Oh Missy, you look incredible sucking my big cock like that.”

I gurgled, feeling at once pleased and bashful that she was watching me suck her strap-on dildo. Still, I didn’t feel as weird as usual. There was a purpose to my sucking. I was driven by donuts.

“Eat the other one,” Barb instructed me, tracing gentle fingers across my cheek. I shivered at the spark in her touch. I wanted so much to please her.

Arching around the side of the big black dildo, I tore into the second cruller, barely chewing before swallowing the fluffy outer layer. As before, I drew the inner ring of pastry down Barb’s cock and sucked the thing until all traces of donut had disappeared.

“Keep going,” she encouraged, petting my cheek as I sucked the tip. “Oh, you look so good down there. You look so beautiful, baby.”

Those nilüfer eskort bayan words anchored my arousal. When I looked up to find her gazing down at me with fire blazing in her dark eyes, I came undone. Every insecurity went out the window, and I dove at her fat cock, grabbing the still-sticky base and devouring the shaft. Her mushroom tip tickled my throat, but I wouldn’t gag, not today. High on sugar and lust, I sucked my woman’s fake cock as though it were real, as though the rubber were flesh and the honey was precum. I devoured her hungrily, because I wanted her to feel the love on my lips.

Squeezing her black shaft, I stroked as I sucked, but my sticky palm adhered to the dildo. Every time I shuttled my hand down the strap-on, I ended up whacking the harness against Barb’s mound. She arched beside the bed, her feet sliding against the carpet, moaning incredulously with every pass.

“Yeah, Missy,” she panted. “Don’t stop.”

Her breasts heaved under her shirt as she struggled for breath, but I just kept sucking her dick and pummelling my fist down the shaft. Barb’s harness must have been rubbing or smacking against her clit—I couldn’t tell which—because she issued a steady stream of appreciative curses as her eyes rolled back in her head. She thrust her hips, driving the dildo into my throat, but I didn’t care. I just wanted to get her off and I knew she was close.

“Come for me,” I cried around the dildo’s respectable girth. “Come on, Barb! Make me eat cream.”

Boston cream!

Maybe my words put her over the edge, because Barb’s whole body shuddered against the side of the bed. Trance-like, she closed her eyes, shaking from head to toe.

“Oh yeah!” she cried, running her fingers through my hair, latching on and tugging.

“Fuck yeah, baby. Choke on my jizz.”

And I did choke, not on jizz, but on the dildo shoved halfway down my throat. My eyes watered as I gagged on her length. When Barb finally released me, I fell away from her, staring up through bleary eyes.

I’d never seen Barb so ecstatic from a blow job. It still seemed strange that she could come so hard when I wasn’t even touching her, but her enjoyment made my belly glow with sweetness and warmth.

“Barb,” I asked, like a child. “May I have another donut please?”

She smirked. “You can eat the whole box while I fuck you from behind.”

My pussy belonged to Barb. She could have it wherever and whenever she wanted it, and I always gave myself with the greatest of joy.

Hungry for dildos and donuts, I climbed up the bedcovers and bent over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32