Incident At The Dojo

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Jodie was eighteen and was a regular member at the dojo. She was quite good at Judo, well able to hold her own in a bout.

She was a fit and healthy girl, intelligent and quite good looking. She would never be called a supermodel, but she was the sort of girl next door that the boys all wanted to date.

She was not a virgin, after a certain incident at the gym, which she remembered with a vague feeling of unreality. Apart from that incident, she was sexually inexperienced, and while fully intending to broaden her sexual history she was in no real rush to do it. She was quite happy to wait and see what developed.

There was currently a bit of a rush on at work, resulting in Jodie working overtime. She didn’t mind, as the extra pay came in useful, but it did mean that she had to change her hours at the gym and the dojo.

Tonight she had arrived at the dojo to find Sensei Yu at the point of leaving.

Jodie bowed as she entered, with Sensei Yu bowing in reply.

“Well met, Jodie,” he said in his quiet voice. “Before I leave I will introduce you to your new instructor. He has but recently moved to this area.”

Moving through to the main training room, Sensei Yu called to the sole occupant, a man dressed in a Gi, who was running through some exercises on the far side of the room.

“Sebastian, if you would be so kind as to spare me a moment?”

Sebastian, the new instructor paused in his efforts, turned and came over to where Sensei Yu and Jodie were standing.

Sebastian was tall and blonde, and exceedingly fit, and he looked familiar.

Horribly familiar, where Jodie was concerned.

“Sebastian, this is Jodie. She will be one of your students. You will find that she is one of your better students.

Jodie, this is Sebastian, your new teacher. You will find that he is highly qualified and you should learn a lot from him.”

“Call me Seb,” said Sebastian. “Sebastian is such a mouthful. I believe I’ve met you before, Samsun Escort but we were never actually introduced.”

A vision of Sebastian holding her, while his cock did its dance of life within her, crossed Jodie’s mind.

“Yes,” she said, her voice a little strained. “We met at the gym, but you were a bit too preoccupied to tell me who you were. I did wonder.”

“I bet you did,” she heard Seb say in a whisper, and threw him a dark look.

Sensei Yu made his departure, with Jodie looking after him wistfully. She felt that her sense of security was walking out the door with him.

Sebastian turned and bowed to her.

“Please go and put on your Gi,” he said. “I’ll wait for you on the mats.”

Jodie headed for the change room, while a little voice in her head quietly suggested that she could still keep going, out the door and home.

Returning to the training room, Jodie found Seb waiting. Taking up a position on the mats across from him she waited.

“Now, Jodie, I will give you a chance to show me what you’re capable off. We’re the only two in the dojo, so in order to encourage you to do your best, I am going to remove one item of clothing from you each time you take a fall. If you can give me a fall, you get an item of clothing back. Once you’ve lost all your clothes, you can guess what the penalty will be.”

Jody gulped, but faced up to him. A moment later she was lying on her back watching as he calmly removed her trousers.

The next round lasted almost thirty seconds before she was thrown, and she lay there, resigned to losing her obi. She was startled when he just reached inside her top and hooked her panties off.

Scarlet faced, she fronted up to him, but the anger she let slip into her fighting promptly told against her, resulting in her hitting the ground fast. Now she found Seb’s hand resting familiarly on her pussy while he untied her obi.

Concentrating, trying to control her temper, Samsun Escort Bayan she started the next round high on determination. Unfortunately, her high determination didn’t make up for Sebastian’s superior skill, and was shortly resignedly waiting for her top to be removed. She received another jolt when Seb quietly informed her that he considered it would be dangerous to fight with just a bra on. It would be too easy for it to get snagged on something and one of them could get hurt. Before she could protest, she no longer had to worry about fighting in just a bra.

Standing there, nervous and nude, Jodie waited for the last round to commence, already knowing how it would end and what the consequences would be.

As she waited, she saw Seb hold up his hand. “Just a moment” he told her. While she watched, he quickly stripped off his own gi, and resumed his position across from her, proudly naked.

Very proudly naked, Jodie couldn’t help but feel, seeing that he also expected this bout to end one way and was totally ready to do his part.

“In case you’re wondering,” Seb told her quietly, “this will not be like the time at the gym. This time I’m going to possess you hard and fast, and you will have to work to match me.”

Jodie gulped, her eyes dropping down against her will, looking at what was coming her way. She could feel heat coursing through her, and she knew that her body was ready and waiting for him. She moved onto the mat to meet him, and again her eyes dropped for a moment, trying to measure him. The momentary distraction was fatal, and she felt herself falling without even having seen Seb start to move.

“You cheated,” she snapped as she lay there. “You knew damn well that I’d be distracted by you waving that thing at me.”

“And did you think I wouldn’t be distracted by those lovely breasts bouncing across the mat towards me,” asked Seb, using a toe to urge her legs further apart.

Jodie watched Escort Samsun as Seb knelt between her legs, pushing her knees aside and up.

“How are you going to do this?” she asked nervously. Her previous experience had been completely different to this, and she had no idea what was going to take place.

“Like this,” said Seb, fingers spreading her lips. He aligned himself and then thrust forcefully forward, driving full length into her.

Jodie squealed with the shock of it. It wasn’t that it hurt or was unpleasant, and her body had definitely been expecting and wanting it. It was the suddenness of it, one moment waiting for him and the next finding him fully inside her. There was, she decided, a world of difference between this and her previous experience.

Then Seb was pulling back and thrusting hard into her again, slamming her hard against the mat. She squealed again, and hurriedly strove to match him. Seb pounded her relentlessly, while Jodie gasped and squealed in excitement as she felt him bringing her body to life.

With Seb pounding her, driving deeply and in continuous motion, there was nothing that Jodie could do but go along with the ride.

Jodie bucked frantically against Seb, striving to match his driving need. What she felt this time wasn’t a gentle tide sweeping her to a triumphant high point, but an avalanche. An initial lurch as the ground moved under her, and now a wild tumbling ride, tossing her nerves around and scattering her thoughts so there was nothing but feelings and the knowledge that a smashing finale was coming.

Jodie screamed at the end, frantically clinging to Seb as the earth shook around her, feeling him clasping her tight as he released his seed into her.

Lying flat on the mat, Jodie started musing.

“OK. I have to be careful at the gym and I have to be careful at the dojo. Are there likely to be any other places where you’re going to meet me and ravish me?”

“I don’t know,” said Sebastian, with a growl in his voice, “but I certainly hope so. Now I think it’s time you hit the shower. I have to close up.”

Jodie laughed and headed for the shower. As she walked she could feel sweat trickling down her legs. Definitely sweat, she told herself, after a workout like that.

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