Isolation Walk Pt. 01

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Cabin fever has struck again, being cooped up all day affecting your mood until you can’t take it anymore, you decide it’s time to use your one exercise session a day to go out and get some fresh air.

You quickly strip removing your top and bra, your pants are next leaving you only in your lace knickers, you glance across at yourself in your full length mirror, and run your hands up your torso until they are cupping your sensitive breasts, you close your eyes as you find your hardening nipples with your fingers and squeeze them gently.

You slowly release one and run your hand back down your tummy until you slip it into your knickers, running lower again until you feel your wetness, your lips swelling as your passion rises.

You gasp slightly as you feel your finger tip on you clit circling it gently before pushing it inside yourself your pussy starting to gush as you get more excited.

You slowly fuck your self with you finger getting closer and close to cumming, biting your lower lips now as you arousal increases, you feel your legs start to tremble and lie down on your bed your breasts now swollen your nipples hard.

You pull your nipple hard as your fingers playing inside you, your hips now starting to move by themselves as you get closer to cumming.

You feel your body responding one last time and you moan gently as you feel your contractions building your cunt clamping down on your finger as you start to cum your body warm and sweating gently.

You relax back and wait until your breathing settles before you stand, pulling on your yoga pants and admiring Şanlıurfa Escort how your arse feels in the tight fabric, you notice the VPL and decide that won’t do and quickly strip and remove them before pulling your yoga pants back on happier now that there’s no line.

You reach into your drawer and pull out your sports bra and slows put it on, your swollen breasts stretching the garment as you pull the zip closed giving you an increased cleavage your breast now held firm inside it.

You pull a t shirt and sweat top over you head and head out not noticing the wet spot soaking through your yoga pants.

You walk slowly to the woods near your house and set out into the forest your temperature rising as you walk quickly.

You sense someone else near and look around and see me following you, you smile and walk off the path into the woods, every so often checking to see if i’m following.

You eventually stop in a small clearing the path well hidden from view before you turn and wait for me to arrive.

As i walk into the clearing you lean back against a tree and cup your breasts and squeeze them gently.

Like what you see you ask me, I always have i reply from the first time I saw you.

I move closer and kiss you my arms pulling you closer to my body my mouth hungry against your, my hands touching your body my fingers sliding under your top to touch your damp skin.

Your breasts swelling again as your excitement rises. I turn you round pushing you against the tree and kick your legs apart your arse firm inside your pant, I run Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan my fingers between your legs and find the damp area from your earlier play time.

I slide my hand inside your pant stroking your arse, noting the lack of underwear i whisper in your ear your a dirty cow aren’t you your cunt damp and ready and no knickers its almost as if you wanted using today.

I slide my hand lower now between your thighs and run my finger between your lips separating them and smearing your juices further.

I take the edges of your pant and slowly lower them until you have to close your feet to allow me to remove them fully.

I turn your round and kiss you again before running a finger up your between your legs, i make sure my finger is wet before placing it on my lips smearing the juices then kissing you allowing you to taste yourself off me.

You reach between us and grasp my cock through my pants and squeeze gently causing me to moan.

I remove your hand and take my belt of and raise your hands above your head before i fasten them together, then nipping at your neck before whispering I wouldn’t want you to escape now would i.

You growl at me as i reach under your top again pushing it up to bunch above you breasts. I stand back and look at you, your breasts still in your sports bra, your body naked and wet from the waist down.

I release my cock and move forward kissing you again before taking some of your juice from your cunt and stroking my hand up and down my cock making it wetter with my pre cum and your juices. Escort Şanlıurfa

I move closer and bite the nape of your neck running my cock up and down your spread cunt our juices now making your flesh slippy.

I push gently and the tip of my cock slides into your cunt until im just inside you.

Please fuck me you say I want to feel you in me.

I lunge into you driving my cock full length into you in one push, your feet now on tiptoes your body weight now fully on my cock.

I reach behind you and grab your arse squeezing your flesh then slowly start fucking my length into your gushing pussy.

I feel your cum flowing now over my balls coating me, as I use you my cock hammering into you again and again.

I feel your body start to tremble now as you get closer to cumming i steady you by pushing you against the tree and use one hand to unzip your sports bra you sweat covered breasts now on show, before i lower my hand again and carry on fucking into your cunt, the pleasure inside you rising with every thrust.

I lower my head and lick a bead of sweat off your breast, then repeat the action on the other one loving the salty taste off your flesh.

I pump into you again and again before I take a nipple into my mouth and bite down gently the extra stimulation forcing you over the edge your body spasming, clamping down onto my cock. making me moan and triggering my orgasm into you, your body locked to mine as I spurt inside you.

I hold you still before I lower you down spreading your legs further to allow me to collect our juices from your cunt before putting my hand to your mouth for you to taste.

Before pulling your head to mine so i can taste us as well.

I step away and watch you dressing your body now sweating and red with lust, before i walk away leaving you there you yoga pant soaked though at the crotch with our juices.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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