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After turning down an internship in Texas for the summer, I had been forced to return to the small Georgia town that I spent my entire life in. I had managed to escape for my first year of college, but alas, I couldn’t stay at school forever. I didn’t relish the thought of returning to my previous job at a local golf course, so I took a clerk position at a local specialty store.

Simply put, the store was a sea of glass. It mostly carried assortments of jams, preserves and ciders, things you couldn’t find just anywhere. Now at 19, my hormones were completely wild. Unfortunately, I hadn’t had a girlfriend in several months, and my only action had been several kissing scenes in a play I had been cast in.

And if my raging hormones weren’t enough, at work I was often tempted with the views of women and girls my own age, on vacation with my parents. Though I didn’t expect to ever see them again, at night I would secretly think of them as I grazed my own hands across my thighs and midsection, usually leading to stroking myself to an incontrollable orgasm. And then she came in.

The work days at our second store usually passed slower, as it wasn’t nearly as busy as the other. It was no surprise when an hour would pass without any visitors. At the end of one such hour, a car with Florida tags pulled up in our parking lot. At a quick glance, I guessed that the woman who entered was in her mid to late 30’s. She had a dark tan, long dark hair, and showed off her Floridian figure with a pair of Daisy Duke shorts and a red top. Her breasts, though small, showed well through her shirt, and seemed to have a point to them. I guessed B cups, but all that did was show that I had way too much time on my hands.

After offering the visitor a sample of our products, as I did with everyone else, I turned my attention to the local paper as she browsed our shelves. Occasionally I would sneak a glance at her well-shaped ass as she reached for the top shelves.

“Will that be all for you today?”

“I guess so, I didn’t see too much that interested me.”

Too bad. I had surely seen something that interested me. After ringing up her purchase (a wine bottle of apple cider and bottle of peach syrup), I bid her a nice day and disappeared into the back of the store to wash dishes as she made her way back out to her car.

Not long after I had begun scrubbing a dirty jar, I became aware that someone else had entered the kitchen, and was surprised to see that Sivas Escort it was my visitor.

“Did you forget something?” I suspected she had meant to ask for directions, why else would she have sought me out in the back of the store?

“I was just wondering what you could do with this syrup. I bought it without knowing what to use it on.” I dried my hands, shifting to hide the growing erection in my loose shorts. I was by no means huge, but I was certainly bigger than average, and could feel the strain against my shorts. But apparently, my shifting hadn’t worked.

“Maybe I could find something to use it on.” Reaching out, she grabbed hold of me through my khakis. Taking her hint, I dropped the towel I was using and ran my hands up her sides.

“I suppose so.”

I took a few steps back, pulling her with me, and leaned against the chest freezer against the wall. I pulled her into a deep kiss, our tongues intertwining, as she ran her hands down the front of my shorts, the bottle of syrup laying forgotten on the sink. I gasped and briefly broke our kiss as she held my bare, hard-as-a-rock shaft in her hand.

I fumbled with the buttons on her shorts, my view temporarily blocked as she pulled my t-shirt over my head. Releasing the jeans, they fell to the floor revealing her red lace thong. She threw my shirt to the side, then began lifting her own as I quickly unhooked my belt and let my shorts fall. I kicked off my flip flops, followed by the shorts, as she stood before me in a matching lingerie set. Taking the lead, I put my hands around her waist and spun both of us around, then led her into a sitting position on the freezer.

She continued to fondle my cock as I reached behind her, releasing her bra and tossing it aside. My previous assumption had been correct: cone shaped breasts with sharp nipples that were beginning to harden.

“Let’s see what we have here” she said, pulling down the elastic on my boxers. Standing before her in all of my naked glory, I soaked in the smile she had on her face, and her cocked brow.

“Well well well. Looks like I found a use for that syrup after all.” As I reached for the glass bottle, which had been forgotten in the moment, I turned to see her kicking loose her thong. Now we were both naked, and by the moisture beginning to show on her bare crotch, we were both anxious. I ripped off the plastic sleeve on the bottle, and unscrewed the cap. She spread her legs, leaving all Sivas Escort Bayan for me to see, and beckoned me towards her with one seductive finger.

As I moved closer, she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me closer to her. I held the syrup in one hand, using the other to cup her right breast and pull it to my lips. She moaned lightly as I took the nipple in my teeth, then massaged it with my tongue. Then, holding up the glass bottle, I poured out a small amount of the peach liquid that I draped across both of her breasts, then down her flat stomach to her puffy lips.

Handing her the bottle, I resumed the slow torture of removing the thick concoction first from the right, then the left of her erect nipples. Then I outlined the thin stream down to her belly button, mixing saliva with syrup. As I moved down, her legs shifted from my waist to over my shoulder. Before seeking out the last bit, I traced each of her inner thighs, her slow moans proving that my actions were having the desired effect.

Finally, without any warning, I plunged my tongue into her peachy center. She leaned back on one elbow, her other making it’s way to the back of my head to guide me. As I slowly worked in and out of her pussy, I used one of my free hands to rub her clit between two of my fingers. I continued until the syrup was gone, and then took time to hold each of her puffy lips in my mouth, encouraged by her moans and bucks. When I could tell that she had almost climaxed, I raised my head.

It took her a moment to realize that I had stopped. Coming off of her momentary high, she gave me that seductive look before easing off of the freezer. She poured out a handful of the syrup, then proceeded to rub it all over my chest and down to my cock. Having been so long without the intimate touch of a woman, I thought I was going to come with just that simple touch, but I was able to hold in my heavy load.

She took the same approach that I had, moving from nipple to nipple before dropping to her knees and beginning to lick my rod clean. Beginning with the head, she slowly licked off the syrup. I leaned forward, not only in an attempt to urge her on but to place my hands on the edge of the chest freezer for support. She continued down the shaft, then lifted my dick as she licked each of my balls clean.

Then, she did what none of my previous girlfriends had done for me. She took my entire 8 inch shaft down her throat, causing Escort Sivas an immediate moan to rise from within me. As she worked up and down my penis, she used one of her free hands to cup and rub my testicles. Finally, unable to hold back any longer, I shot my creamy load deep into her throat, where it would join the syrup.

After licking my cock to make sure she had gotten every little bit, she stood up and pulled me into another passionate kiss. Knowing that it wouldn’t take any time for me to get hard again, she climbed back onto the freezer and spread her legs wide for me. I moved in, leaning her back until she was lying down. I picked up each of her legs, one over each shoulder, and attempted to insert my cock into her pussy.

I took my rod in one hand, and rubbed it up and down her slit before slowly sliding it in until just the head was sunk inside her folds. I flexed my penis, so that the head would grow to it’s full potential. Then, in one quick motion, slammed the entire thing into her. She moaned, having been filled so quickly, and reached behind to grasp the windowsill.

I started at a slow pace, but quickly abandoned it for a quick thrusting that buried all 8 inches of my cock inside of her. After several minutes of alternating quick and slow thrusts, it was obvious that both of us were on the brink of coming. She used one of her feet to push me away, then slipped off of her throne and to her feet. Turning around, she placed both hands on the edge of the freezer and presented me with a behind view of her supple ass and lips.

Once again, I used my free hand to bury my entire cock in her, not wasting time with just the teasing, bulbous head. I used one hand to grip the front of her thigh for leverage, while the other reached behind and found her knobby clit. After less than a minute of this new position, her moaning gave away that she was ready to climax, as was I. With one final thrust, I sunk my entire penis into her and emptied my load as she moaned and tightened around my cock, milking it of all that was left.

I let my limp dicks drop out of her, panting. Reaching for my discarded clothing, I began getting dressed again. I had left the register unattended and unlocked. She began getting dressed as well. As she pulled on her shorts, I began wiping off the excess syrup and fluids off of the surfaces that we had occupied. And when I turned around, I realized that she had silently left. Glancing out the window across the room, I saw her car pulling out of the parking lot. I laughed to myself as I noticed her lacey panties, which she had left on the doorknob. Tucking them into my pocket, I returned to another slow day at work. Now that I thought about it, I never even found out her name.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32