Julia: Julia is a Naughty Girl

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Letter to the readers:

This is a story about a woman who Cheats because she craves the attention her husband is not giving her. If this upsets you, don’t read this story. It always kills me how self-righteous some people can be…You’re on an erotic stories web site you hypocrite. Don’t read the whole story and then preach about what a whore the main character is. If you don’t like this type of story, please move on.

For those of you who know my stories, this one is a little different than most of my stories. I hope you like it and please feel free to comment, both good and constructive criticism.

Thanks to “Julia” you know who you are for inspiring this tale and providing much material and editing.



Julia Wilmington fingered her fevered, flowing pussy in broad daylight sitting on the couch in her living room while her daughter watched TV not 25 feet away in the family room and her husband watched the baseball game in the home office that was just as close as the family room. Here she was masturbating after being rejected again by her husband. She was in that same computer room not 30 minutes ago on her knees trying to get some attention from her husband. She had actually offered to give him a blow job while sliding her hands up his shorts and fondling his cock. He had rebuffed her, telling her he had a headache and wanted to watch the game in peace. She was so sick of this response, that she was now even willing to do her business right there in the living room.

Julia is a naughty, naughty girl.

So here she was sitting on a towel she had gotten earlier and was sitting on it to keep her pussy juices from staining the couch as they soaked through her lace panties and yoga pants. She hadn’t even realized her hand was down her pants until she dropped her phone and threw her head back letting a low moan escape her mouth as if she was having an orgasm. Little did she know that was the beginning of an addiction that she would never escape. She was reading an erotic story and it was having a profound effect on her. The thing that was really surprising was that it was written by a friend of hers that she had known for over 30 years. She never would have guessed he was a writer of erotica and that he was so good at it. She recently found out that he had started writing erotica over 10 years ago. Thinking back to all the times that they had been together at so many family and friend functions, in fact, his children were her god-children. She remembers the day he asked her to be her son’s god-mother 20 years earlier. He said, “Well, you’re the only person I know who goes to church.” Little did he know of her inner desires and needs. Little did she know of her own inner desires and needs at that time and what was soon to come.

This had all come about just a few days earlier. Julia had sent a comment to Eric on a Facebook post of his and when she saw the “like” pop up from him immediately she sent him an IM on messenger. A conversation started and the two chatted like the good friends they were. A few days before that, Julia had posted a picture of herself on FB and said how she really liked being able to dress nicely at her new job. Eric had wanted to say something “inappropriate” about her picture, being flirty as they always were with each other, but didn’t think saying it publically on social media was a good idea. So, he had sent her a text saying exactly that. Subsequently, Julia asked him what his “inappropriate” comment was about her picture.

Eric: I was going to say your tits look fabulous in that dress!

This was no big deal since the two of them always were flirty, even though there really was no chance of them ever doing anything about it. They were both married and it was just not what they would do.

She replied on the IM: Yeah they do!

Julia was a beautiful 46 year old woman (Eric 47). She was 5’6′ with long, straight, blond hair, and a pretty face. Her slim waist was complimented by her curvy hips, nice round ass, slim legs and a pair of D cup breasts for which Eric was complimenting her. She got plenty of attention from men other than her husband and she enjoyed every second of it. Thus, she was confident about her appearance and was justified in her reply.

The two chatted for a few more minutes until Julia became a bit cryptic, asking Eric if he knew how to delete messages on FB and hinting at the fact that she was going to tell him something juicy. Eric insured her he did know how.

Julia: I saw your comments to Kim on several posts on here. Is there something going on with you two?

Eric: What? No, we just banter back and forth about the Dodgers and the Giants.

Julia: It’s ok if there is, your secret is safe with me.

Eric reassured her it was absolutely nothing, but suddenly the mood of the conversation turned. Within moments the two were sharing intimate things about themselves; stuff Eric would never expect Julia to tell him about herself. Soon he was doing the same and it came out that Eric was a writer of erotica and had been for over 10 years.

Julia: You have to send me one.

Eric: Ok, I’ll send you one of my tamer ones.

Julia Tekirdağ Escort went on to confess that she was a very sexual person, (Eric already knew that) and that she masturbates regularly (Eric wasn’t surprised by that, but definitely intrigued by that). They chatted a bit longer and Eric agreed to send a chapter of one of his longer but tamer stories to Julia as long as she told him what she really thought of it.

Later that day she had sent him a message telling him that she loved it and would he send more chapters. He agreed and she had been reading them last night and today. They had really touched something inside her, bringing us back to where the story started:

After dropping her phone, Julia realized what she was doing, but at this point, she really didn’t care. She wanted to come and if that meant she had to do it right there in the living room, then she was going to do it right there in the living room. She picked her phone up and began reading again. The words flowed through her head and seemed to touch every one of the erogenous zones of her body. Her nipples were rock hard and sensitive to every movement of the tight tank top she was wearing. Her pussy gushed with each word and her clit began to pulse. Somehow without her noticing, Julia had slid down into a lying position. This caused the copious amounts of pussy juices that had pooled in her pussy to flow out and run down between her soft round ass cheeks and toward her flinching asshole. Her fingers slid in and out of her pussy and her palm rubbed her throbbing clit. She moaned again. The words of the story again enveloped her whole sexual being and the orgasm that had been so close to the surface as she edged herself, finally exploded through her.

The phone slipped from her hand again falling onto the cushion of the couch and she only cared about the fulfilment of her ecstasy. Wave after wave of widespread pleasure consumed her. Again she moaned. Lucky for her no one else was paying attention and her sounds of pleasure went unnoticed. Julia pulled her feet up so the soles were flat on the couch. She rotated her hips against the efforts of her hand as it sped up and urged along the sensational orgasm she was experiencing. This went on for several minutes, as the crescendo of her climax came and then slowly subsided.

Exhausted, Julia relaxed her body and pulled her hand from her pants. The afterglow was almost as good and she just lied there and relished it. As she lie there, she reflected for a moment. She masturbated regularly, but almost without fail she employed the help of one of her sex toys. She was surprised that she had only used her hand, and that it had actually made her come. The story had really gotten her passions going. She would have to make sure she told Eric thank you. The sound of her daughter giggling at something in the other room brought her back to reality. Julia chuckled to herself and thought how naughty she had just been, and with a cheeky grin she closed her eyes for a few more seconds and just soaked up her euphoria.

Julia is a naughty, naughty girl.

Later that night on Facebook, Julia thanked Eric profusely, even telling him how surprised she was that she came with only the help of her fingers and the story, “I’m lazy, using my fingers to masturbate is too much work, I always use one of my toys. However, your story made it so easy. It turned me on so much. I came really hard.”

Greg was so excited she liked it. He just kept texting: I MADE YOU CUM! Over and over.

Julia longed for attention. She was a sexy woman and her husband was just too involved with work to even notice her anymore. When a man gave her attention she reveled in it. This unfulfilled need for attention would soon be her downfall, on more than one occasion.

She had a special “friend” whom she had met 10 years ago. They chatted online and flirted over the phone numerous times and the two of them had sparked a relationship that was inappropriate for a married woman, but had never crossed the line to physical. She wanted it to though, and with her husband not giving her what she wanted and needed at home, she was getting closer and closer to crossing that line. She was at work the next day when that line got closer and closer.

Eric and Julia had been texting all morning about his story and being very flirty, so Julia was already on a sexual high, when just before the end of her lunch, Julia’s phone buzzed on her desk. She picked it up and saw that it was Jackson. She opened the text message:

Jackson: I’m downstairs in your back parking lot.

Immediately she felt her already buzzing pussy secrete a surge of her juices. Her previously saturated silky black panties were not enough to hold the onslaught of her fluids and as she excitedly stood up from her desk she felt a dribble run down the inside of her thigh, and she texted back:

Julia: No way!

Jackson: Does that excite you? Did your horny little pussy just get wet hoping it is true?

Julia: Stop it!

But she could not deny he was right as she felt her pussy juice continue on its path toward the inside of her knee. She pressed Tekirdağ Escort Bayan her knees together to hopefully stop its advance.

Julia: Ur not out there.

Jackson: Come take a look for yourself. You know it’s making you hot hoping I’m not lying.

Julia looked out the window of her office, but the back parking lot was not visible from there. She reluctantly left the window and started walking towards the back door of her office. She was new to her job, and was still on probation. She didn’t want to get caught going outside when it wasn’t her break time. She looked around for her trainer Vanessa, a nice, but so far pretty demanding woman. When she saw that Vanessa was nowhere in sight she continued toward the back door. She was not going to tell Jackson she was on her way down. She would have been too embarrassed to get out there and find out he was not there, giving him the satisfaction that she looked and he wasn’t there. Besides, that would give him even more control over her, and he already had too much of that. She reached the back door and looked out. Her pussy gushed again and more fluid progressed down both her thighs now as she caught a view of his car parked just two rows from the door. She looked around one more time to make sure Vanessa was not near, took a deep breath to try and gain some composure and opened the door slowly, walking out toward his car.

Jackson smiled deviously to himself as he saw her exit the building and head toward him. He rolled down the driver’s window and watched her body move seductively in the high heels and tight little dress she was wearing. They had made arrangements to have drinks after Julia got off work, so she had dressed accordingly. They had done this several times before, but something always nixed the plans, usually Julia’s respect for her wedding vows, and they had not met. When she reached his window she bent at the waist and stuck her head into his car, resting both of her elbows and forearms on the bottom of the window opening. Jackson leaned back a bit as she invaded his space.

“Well hello. See, I am here,” he quipped.

“I can see that. What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to make sure you didn’t back out of our plans for drinks,” Jackson told her as his eyes drifted down to her prominently displayed breasts.

Julia noticed his gaze and wished she didn’t have the camisole on under the dress. With the deep “V” neckline of this dress, she would be able to tease him even more than she already was. Again she felt her pussy quiver and her knees got a little weak.

“Jackson you know I can’t.”

She didn’t plan to cheat on her husband, even if she had worn this entire ensemble (all the way down to her matching black silk panties and bra) just for Jackson in case she did decide to actually go through with the rendezvous. She really did enjoy the mere fact that some other man wanted her this badly.

Jackson reached up and lightly ran his finger across one of her visibly hard nipples as it protruded through the smooth soft material of her dress, “Yes you can, and what’s more important is that we both know you want to.”

The sensation of his finger on her overly sensitive nub was more than she could take. Her pussy flooded again and more fluids dribbled down her leg. She again crushed her legs together to stop the drowning of her inner thighs. The skin was so wet she could feel the skin of her thighs sliding against each other.

“OK!” Julia almost shouted.

Jackson pulled his hand back, “That’s the right answer.” Then he reached up and started his car. “I have to go. I’ll see you at 5.”

Julia grudgingly pulled her head out of his car and stood up. Jackson winked at her and pulled his car out of the spot and drove away, leaving Julia weak in the knees and dripping copious amounts of pussy juice down her legs. She looked around to see if anyone saw that, and when she was sure it was a private moment, she hurried inside to the bathroom to try and clean up the mess between her legs.

******Four hours later*******

As Julia drove to the restaurant to meet Jackson so many different feelings overwhelmed her body. Initially, it was excitement, she and Jackson had done so much flirting and naughty things on the phone and online that the anticipation of actually being alone with him in a bar was too much. Conversely, there was the guilt. She was married, and even though she was sure her husband would find her previous activities with Jackson unacceptable, Julia could rationalize them in her mind because it had only been naughty fun, but this was actually meeting another man without her husband’s knowledge. She was again going to cancel, but when her husband called once more for the umpteenth time to say he would be staying very late at work, she decided she was done waiting for him to pay her the attention she so desperately needed from him. So, she didn’t cancel and she headed to meet him, knowing full well that if Jackson turned on the charm, she would not be able to resist. She felt a trickle escape her pussy and dribble down between her ass cheeks. She was so wet now, that her panties were completely soaked Escort Tekirdağ through.

As she pulled into the parking lot another feeling consumed her, anxiety. It wasn’t anxiety like a panic attack, it was more a feeling of anticipation but nerve wracking as the moment she had been thinking about so many times before had finally arrived. She pulled into a spot and checked her face. She applied more lipstick to enhance the seductiveness of her lips, and she got out. She could feel her pussy leak again and ooze out of her panties and onto her thigh. She decided she needed to clean herself up before she met Jackson. She hurried into the restaurant and headed to the restroom. She headed into a stall and closed the door. As she pulled her silky black panties down, she couldn’t believe how wet they were and she decided that they were more of a nuisance than an asset. She pulled them all the way off and shoved them in her purse. She pulled a gob of toilet paper from the roll and wiped her flooded mess of a pussy. She pulled her dress down and exited the stall. Stopping at the mirror, she smoothed her tight dress over her sexy curvaceous form and admired herself. “Damn I look good.” She thought. “No way Jackson doesn’t get rock hard when he sees me.” She sprayed a little more perfume in all the right places and headed out of the bathroom toward the bar and her appointment with sexual destiny.

Julia is a naughty, naughty girl.

She entered the bar and she spotted Jackson. He had seen her come in and head to the restroom, so he was expecting her when she entered. Their eyes met and instantly Julia felt her pussy pulse.

Jackson felt the same pulse in his stiffening cock. He wanted her so badly, but he had to play it cool. He knew this was going to have to be a bit of a slow play. He knew Julia would be feeling some trepidation since she was married and all. He would have to gently guide and push her to point of betraying her wedding vows. He was married too, but his guilt was overridden immediately upon seeing Julia walk into the bar and his dick beginning to grow in his pants.

Julia approached and Jackson stood up to greet her. They hugged and it was a more intimate embrace than both of the separately married duo should have been engaging. They both enjoyed the feel of each other’s bodies. Jack’s dick reacting to the feel of Julia’s large breasts pressing against his diaphragm; Julia reveling in the feel of his long arms around her, and even thought she felt something hard in his pants pressing against her belly. Both of them could smell the other’s scent. They both involuntarily breathed deeply, taking in their smells.

“It’s about time.” Jackson joked. He always said that to Julia every time she answered his calls, teasing that she shouldn’t make him wait.

Julia chuckled and the two proceeded to get into the booth Jackson had for them. As Julia opened her legs a bit to slide and make room for Jackson to slide in behind her, the cool air hit her uncovered pussy and she gasped a little.

“You ok?” Jackson inquired.

Julia just giggled a bit and nodded.

“What?” Jackson asked again.

“Nothing, don’t worry about it.” Julia smiled backed, as she again felt the ever rush of excitement fill her nether region.

The two sat close in the booth with Julia to Jackson’s left. The waiter arrived a moment later and Julia ordered a drink. Jackson was already halfway into his first, but didn’t order another hoping he could get Julia to hurry and catch up with him before he ordered two more soon. They made small talk for a few minutes until the drink arrived, and as Jackson saw Julia drink down her cocktail rather quickly he decided it was a good time to advance things. As he asked her a rather mundane question about her day, he placed his left hand on her knee and slid it halfway up her right thigh, causing her dress to bunch up into her lap.

Julia inhaled sharply. The feel of his hand thrilled her and the position made her pussy tingle yet again. He moved his hand up slowly but aggressively as he kept the conversation normal above the table. Julia thought he would stop short of her dripping pussy, but she was wrong. All the way up her thigh he continued. Her breathing stopped as she held her breath briefly in her anxiety. Jackson expected to feel Julia’s panties when he reach the apex of her thigh, but when he felt pubic hair instead, he smiled to himself. His conversation never stopped but he got a cheeky grin on his face and he raised his eyebrows at Julia.

She knew what he was thinking and she froze. She knew she should close her legs, but her aroused mind would not let her and in fact it betrayed her and she actually spread them more. Jackson felt this and winked at Julia, while still carrying on a normal boring conversation. As he asked her about her day at the office, his pinky slowly massaged her swollen clit. Shivers raced up Julia’s spine and she involuntarily let out the slightest moan. Hearing this, Jackson knew he had her. The slow play was abandoned and he instantly pulled his left hand away. Julia whimpered a bit with disappointment. She was so excited, she knew it would not take much to make her cum. She had been riding a high all day, especially after Jackson’s visit to her work. She wanted to come so badly. She looked at Jackson with longing eyes, desperate for his touch again. Turning toward her, he now slid his right hand up her right thigh and moved his mouth close to her left ear.

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