Just a Kiss

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Chapter 1

The heavy oak door muffled the sound of the doorbell but they could still hear an elegant “ding-dong” sound that slowly died away as they waited for someone to open the door for them. The snow was coming down like icy nails now, coming down sideways in a wind that was finding its way up her back. Moa felt her boyfriend pull her closer for warmth.

They were going to spend New Year at Eric’s step brother’s place, a nice big house outside of Stockholm that obviously didn’t come cheap. She had never met him before but Eric seemed to like him. Moa was just about to suggest they go inside without waiting for someone to open when the door handle finally turned.

‘Hey, Eric, welcome guys!’ a guy with a chiseled face and intense green eyes said. Moa figured that this was Pontus, Eric’s step brother. ‘And you must be Moa’, he said with an outstretched hand, the one that wasn’t holding a martini glass. ‘Welcome, nice to meet you!’


‘Now come on in before you freeze your butts off.’

They took off their coats and kicked off their shoes as Pontus asked them if they had any trouble getting there in the heavy snowfall. Eric and he talked for a minute about traffic and about some guy who had got stuck and couldn’t make it. Moa saw a pile of shoes on the floor, and heard music and voices from inside the house. And someone must have said something funny because a loud laugh, followed by others, rumbled through the house.

‘As you can tell, the party has already started’, Pontus said with a smile. A smile that wasn’t hard to look at, Moa realized. ‘In fact, I should probably get back and play the role of a host – I left them in the middle of pouring drinks… Will you guys be ok finding the guest room on your own?’ He noticed their oversized suitcase.

‘Don’t worry, we’re not staying as long as it looks’, Moa said. ‘We just didn’t have a smaller suitcase.’

‘Oh, well you guys are welcome to stay as long as you want’, again with a smile. She was pretty sure he even meant it, although for a second it felt like there was also an innuendo in there somewhere. Maybe she was just imagining it, or maybe it was because Pontus had glanced ever so quickly up and down her dress. She had to admit, she hadn’t picked this dress because it was the most conservative one. Not that it was slutty in any way, but still. She was looking to drive Eric crazy with it tonight.

‘That’s ok’, Eric said. ‘I’ve stayed in the guest room before. It’s the one on the second floor, right?’

Pontus said that it was and as they headed for the stairs to the second floor, he headed into the house.

Chapter 2

Her intentions for the night were clear, at least to herself. She didn’t expect to enjoy the party too much – besides Eric there was literally no one at the party she knew. She was hoping it would be at least somewhat fun, but the goal of tonight was not the party itself. It was what was going to happen, with Eric, when the party was over.

She and Eric hadn’t had sex in over a week. The plans had been to spend Christmas together, even though they had only been together for a couple of months. But things hadn’t worked out that way, her grandmother was ill and it seemed like it would be the last chance of spending Christmas with her, even though no one would say so. And Eric’s family was badgering him to come home for the holidays so they ended up not seeing each other for over a week. In fact the first time she had seen him since December nineteenth was only a couple of hours ago when they were packing for the trip to Pontus.

Over a week. Thinking about it now it was closer to two weeks, without sex. She had been thinking about this night constantly for the last few days, ever since Eric pitched the idea of them celebrating New Year at Pontus. At first she didn’t like the idea much, she would rather have stayed at home with a bottle of champagne and a quiet dinner followed by banging their brains out as the fireworks started going off all over Stockholm city.

But as she had started thinking about it, the idea of dressing up in a sexy dress, dancing, probably drinking a glass of champagne too many, started to sound pretty good. It was also a bit of a secret turn-on (well, not really secret – she had told Eric about it but not many others) to be on a dance floor without panties under her dress. Usually, she wouldn’t do this when they went to private parties because it made simple things like sitting down a bit of a hassle. But tonight she figured she could slip off sometime before midnight and slip out of her underwear.

They quickly unpacked, Eric put on his dark blue suit jacket and she put on her heels. Eric’s face was flushed, probably from the sudden change in temperature. She thought about jumping him right there but restrained herself. He looked really good tonight though. Instead she kissed him, feeling the heat from his lips, almost feverish, giving him plenty of tongue in an attempt to infuse him with her dirty ideas. And maybe it worked, but it almost made her lose her own control. Tekirdağ Escort She had to pull away before her hands started unzipping her handsome boyfriend’s pants. Instead she stepped back and looked herself over in the full-length mirror to make sure she looked alright.

She saw that the hours at the gym hadn’t been lost to Christmas dinners – in fact she had never been in this good shape. She had toned muscles on her thighs as well as her arms. She had never really had a problem with her body, she was always slender and with nice full breasts that seemed to turn heads. Until now though, she had never actually been proud of it. At first she felt embarrassed about liking her own body. But then she figured – not tonight! Tonight she would feel nothing but good about herself.

Chapter 3

The party, though not in full swing when they came down from the second floor, soon picked up the pace. Moa was introduced to more people than she could remember, and a bit to her surprise she even made a friend in Veronica, a stunningly beautiful brunette who introduced her to even more people and then took her on a tour around the house.

They were just coming up from the basement where they had inspected the gym, the wine cellar and what Veronica called the sauna, but it was more like a small spa, with two showers, a Jacuzzi and of course the actual sauna which was the size of a small apartment.

‘Hey guys’, Pontus said when they stumbled into each other. ‘What’s up?’

‘Nothing much, Tusse’, Veronica said and kissed Pontus on the cheek. ‘Just showing the place off to Moa.’

‘You have an amazing house’, Moa said.

‘You think so?’ He sounded honestly flattered, and Moa assured him that she did.

‘So, is it possible to get a refill?’ Veronica held up her now empty glass and nodded towards the bottle of bubbles he was holding. Her glass was refilled.

‘How about you, you look like you’re running low too.’ He looked at Moa’s glass that still had a few drops in it.

‘I suppose, if you can spare it’, she said and held her glass out.

‘Have faith, we’re well stocked on bubbles tonight. Although, the expensive shit doesn’t come out until the stroke of midnight.’

Moa watched as her glass was refilled, she watched the glass but she also couldn’t help but see that Pontus shirt was strained around his shoulders as he was pouring. It wasn’t a tight fitting shirt, but still it was obvious that the gym downstairs was being used on a regular basis. He was a very beautiful man, she admitted to herself.

‘So, will you girls be alright by yourselves if we guys have a couple of beers in the sauna?’ He asked them.

‘I think we’ll manage’, Veronica replied and snaked an arm around his waist in a gesture that told Moa they had known each other for a long time. ‘I guess the only thing that could happen is we run out of bubbles.’

‘Don’t worry about that, there’s still a couple of bottles in the fridge and then there’s more in the cellar if you need it.’

‘Hey, me and Moa will take care of it, you just relax with your buddies. Consider us in charge while you’re away.’

‘That sounds scary’, Pontus said.

‘You should be scared’, Moa replied and gave him a smile.

Chapter 4

With all the guys in the sauna, the party had been all-girls for a while now, allowing Moa to get to know more of the other girls. Most of them were people she could see herself being friends with, only a few were either just too dumb or didn’t like the competition, as if she was a threat to anyone there.

Luckily, Veronica didn’t seem to feel threatened by her.

‘Moa, there you are!’ She appeared from the kitchen, champagne glass still in her hand. ‘Come, meet Elin!’ She curled an arm around her waist and pulled her along. ‘Elin is my sweet baby, you’ll love her!’

‘Elli, this is Moa. Moa, this is Elli’, Veronica introduced them.

‘Hi Moa’, Elin said. ‘So you’re the ballerina I’ve been hearing about?’ It seemed she had heard about her background as a dancer.

‘I suppose’, Moa said. ‘A long time ago.’

‘Oh, come on, won’t you teach me a couple of moves for the dance floor later? I’m somewhat retarded when it comes to dancing.’

Moa couldn’t help but laugh at the little bundle of energy that stood before her. ‘I don’t think you’re as hmmm… retarded as you think you are.’

‘Believe me, I am! People think I’m having a seizure. Right, Veronica?’

‘Ha ha, well maybe dancing isn’t your most prominent talent, sweetie. But it’s not like guys don’t hit on you anyway.’

‘Right, cause they think I need some serious medical attention! Moa, won’t you please teach me some killer moves later?’

Moa laughed, ‘Fine, I’ll teach you some shit that’ll make the guys drool.’

‘This deserves a toast!’ Veronica said, lifting her glass that was almost empty.

As Elin raised her equally empty glass they realized something needed to be done.

‘Is there more in the fridge?’ Moa asked Veronica.

‘Well, I think so…but..’

‘But what?’ Elin Tekirdağ Escort Bayan asked

‘Don’t you think we deserve some of the fancy stuff now?’

Chapter 5

Moa hadn’t exactly volunteered to sneak into the wine cellar to snatch a bottle of the expensive bubbles, but Veronica had somehow managed to pull her along for the ride anyway. They had snuck past the entrance to the sauna, Veronica peeking in but not seeing anything but empty showers.

The cellar was chilly, and smelled of mold. And even though Pontus had told them to go here if they ran out of bubbles, Veronica whispered. ‘Hey, do you see the fancy stuff? ‘

Moa had found a fridge at the back of the room. For some reason she found herself whispering too. ‘Yeah, I think I found it.’

‘Awesome’, Veronica said and grabbed a bottle from the fridge after inspecting it as if to make sure it was really expensive. ‘Now let’s get out of here.’

They made their way out of the cellar and closed the door.

Moa started thinking about the other girls. ‘Are you sure this is gonna be enough though?’ she asked.

‘Wasn’t there any left in the fridge upstairs?’

‘I’m not sure. Was there? Maybe there was?’

Moa, more than anything not wanting to make the trip down there again said, ‘I’ll grab a couple of the other bottles from the rack. I’ll meet you upstairs ok?’

‘I’ll have a fancy glass of bubbles waiting for you’, Veronica giggled.

Moa went back into the wine cellar, quickly finding a couple of bottles of the Italian bubbles they had been drinking all night. She tucked a bottle under her arm and the cold bottle sent shivers down her side. She took another two bottles in her hands and figured it would be enough.

Closing the cellar door behind her and heading for the stairs she realized she would have to pass the entrance to the sauna again. She didn’t know why but she held her breath as she passed the glass door. She focused on looking relaxed, kind of feeling like she was stealing booze from her parents, and wasn’t going to look through the glass door. But her peripheral vision was on high alert and it drew her in.

She was shocked by what she saw. The door was partially foggy from the steam in there but she clearly saw Pontus stepping out of one of the showers, grabbing a towel from a shelf. His body was ripped, the muscles on his stomach flexing with his every move, his entire body wet. And swinging between his legs was a cock like she had never seen before.

Thick. Swaying with his moves, hanging there heavily, as he started drying himself off.

Before she risked getting caught sneaking a peek, she hurried up the stairs. She felt her cheeks flushing as she reached the top but hoped she could blame it on either the stairs or the alcohol.

Chapter 6

Moa made an effort to block the image of Pontus in the shower from her conscious mind. It worked, sort of. The first time they spoke after the guys had come back from the sauna, she felt her cheeks flush a little. But she willed it out of her head and eventually it was as if it had never happened. Instead, she started enjoying the party more than she had thought she would. She really liked hanging out with Veronica and Elin.

Around eleven the party had gone from a polite gathering of friends, sipping prosecco and having conversations, to an actual party. People were laughing and shouting and singing along with the ever louder music. A sort-of-dance floor was even starting to form in the dimly lit living room.

Moa saw Eric talking with a couple of guys, not looking quite as comfortable as the rest of the people there. Not too surprising, he barely knew anyone there either. But he was still looking good, still had his jacket on even though he looked warm. She decided it was time to turn up the heat a bit.

Almost two weeks without sex. Since they had decided to go to this party she had even held off servicing herself. Her first thought now was to just grab Eric and pull him upstairs, but she willed herself to calm down. Instead she slipped upstairs on her own and slipped out of her panties. She threw them in their suitcase and checked herself over in the mirror again.

She lifted the front of the dress to inspect her work with the razor earlier, just a small strip of hair ending a bit over her clit left. She remembered how hard it had been not to service herself when she shaved earlier, it was even hard not to rub one out right now. With her fingers she felt the smoothness of where she had shaved. As her fingers passed over her vagina they trembled and she felt her breath shortening. No, she told herself. Just a little while longer now and she would instead get to feel Eric’s tongue down there, get to feel feel his cock inside her.

She was feeling so naughty tonight, so dirty. She wanted to make sure Eric was in the same mood. She wanted him to fuck her hard, relentlessly. She wanted him to go down on her until she came on his tongue, she wanted to be dirty. She had taken extra care to shave around her ass Escort Tekirdağ hole, hoping Eric would do what he had done only a few times before – always when they had too much to drink – and rub her there with his thumb. She was even prepared to let him fuck her there if he wanted.

She had only done that once before, long before she met Eric. At the time she had mixed feelings about it but it had actually been a lot more erotic than she thought it would be. Maybe tonight it was time for a repeat.

She had to take a deep breath and force herself to take her fingers off her clit. She let her dress down, spun around a couple of times to make sure it wasn’t obvious she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Satisfied, she headed for the stairs.

Chapter 7

The party was still in high gear when she got downstairs. She looked for Eric but at first she couldn’t find him. He wasn’t in the kitchen, and not by the buffet table. She finally spotted him in the living room with a glass of water in his hand. She snuck up behind him and slipped her arms around his waist. She figured she would whisper in his ear, let him know she was naked under the dress. That had turned him on before.

‘Hey, there you are’, Eric said before she had the chance.

‘Hi baby, what’s up?’

‘Actually, I’m not feeling too good. I think I’m going to lie down for a bit. I was just looking for you.’

‘Sweetie, are you alright? Did you have too much to drink?’ She saw his face was pale. Little beads of sweat were forming on his forehead.

‘No, I didn’t have that much to drink. I think maybe I caught something on the train earlier.’

‘Oh, you poor thing. Maybe you’ll feel better after you rest for a while. Come on, I’ll walk you upstairs.’

They had just made it to the room when Eric hurried into the bathroom and she heard him throw up. When he came out, his face was even paler and he walked straight to the bed and lay down with his clothes still on.

‘Poor baby’, Moa said and sat on the bed next to him. ‘I’ll stay here with you.’

‘Thanks honey, but you probably shouldn’t. I’ll just get you sick too. Go have fun at the party instead.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yeah, I’m sure.’

She still wasn’t convinced but she also didn’t know what she could do to help him.

‘Can I get you something? A glass of water? A bucket?’

‘A glass of water would be nice. I don’t think I’ll need a bucket, I feel a bit better now after throwing up. I just want to rest for a while.’

‘OK, I’ll get you a glass of water.’

Realizing there were no drinking glasses in the guest room, Moa headed downstairs. In the kitchen she bumped in to Pontus.

‘Hi there, what’s this – are you drinking water already?’ He said when he saw her pouring a glass.

‘It’s not for me, it’s Eric. He’s not feeling too good.’

‘Really, he didn’t have that much to drink, did he?’

‘No, seems like he caught a bug. He’s up there passed out on the bed.’

‘Oh, really? That sucks, he’s going to miss the stroke of midnight.’

‘Yeah, I know.’

‘I would call you guys a cab but at this time the chances of actually getting one aren’t very good. Is he going to be alright up there?’

It was sweet of him to worry, Moa thought, but assured him that Eric would be fine. She went back upstairs with the glass of water.

Chapter 8

After making sure Eric would be alright, Moa went downstairs to find Veronica and Elin again. Poor Eric, she thought – now he would miss a great party. He would even miss the stroke of midnight. And, worst of all, he would miss New Year Sex. On second thought they would both miss that. Damn it, it turned out she would have to take care of herself tonight after all.

Fine, she thought, they would have plenty of time to make up for it next week. But there was no way she was holding off masturbation anymore. A long shower before going to bed would have to serve as a surrogate. Still, that was a couple of hours away she figured. She wished she owned a vibrator.

She spotted Veronica talking to some guy and walked over, she hoped she wouldn’t be interrupting something – the guy was cute and it looked like Veronica thought so too.

‘Hi there’, Moa said and it turned out she wasn’t interrupting, or at least Veronica was nice enough not to make it feel like it.

‘So, Eric is sick’, Veronica said. ‘That doesn’t mean the party stops, right?’

‘I guess.’

‘Too bad he didn’t make it to midnight at least. ‘

‘Which is soon by the way!’ Pontus said, coming by with a bottle of the expensive champagne. ‘And there are going to be fireworks, so get your butts out on the patio where you can see something.

Chapter 9

The patio freezing cold and dark, Moa regretted not having put her coat on before going outside. But now the countdown was about to start and it was too late to run in after it. At least her champagne glass was full.

Her nipples were rock hard, and she didn’t know if it was because of the cold or if it was a result of thinking about the plans she had had with Eric tonight. Luckily her nipples were probably not visible on the dark patio even though she wasn’t wearing a bra. Or panties, she realized. She hadn’t remembered to put them on after Eric got sick.

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