My Angry Tenants

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I was cleaning carpets in one of my apt building when a guy from the unit below knocked on the door. Gary had done some work for me on a few of my properties and had shown up one morning the week before with his friend Ron. He’d first been staying with an old girlfriend and Ron had moved in with them the week before, after getting out on parole. The girlfriend didn’t mind at first, they told me, but after a particularly energetic 3way that had broken her bed and left her mad and aching, she’d thrown them out. For a few bucks toward water and electric I agreed to let them stay in one of my apartments while I tried to get the building ready to be rented.

“What’s up?” I asked. Gary was lean and muscular, about six feet tall, with a shaved head and half a dozen or so tattoos scattered around his torso and arms. He was wearing his usual outfit of a white wifebeater and tight jeans and I couldn’t resist stealing a glance at his bulging crotch.

“Come here. I want to show you something.” he replied.

I followed him down to his apartment where Ron met us at the door, wearing just a pair of cut off sweats and no shirt . Whereas Gary was lean and smooth, Ron was beefy and somewhat hairy, with a thick pelt over his muscled chest. What they both had in common, though, was ink. Ron was heavily tattooed with sleeves, several large tattoos all around his torso, several on his legs, a few on his neck and hands and, in my imagination, places that don’t usually show.

Gary led the way to the bathroom, with me in the middle and Ron bringing up the rear.

“What the fuck is this?” Gary asked, reaching up and pulling what looked like a small camera and cables out of the ceiling vent.

I was dumbfounded. “I… don’t know” was all I could stammer.

“I’ll tell you what it is, you perv,” Gary said, the veins bulging in his shaved head. “You’re getting off seeing us naked, you faggot bastard.”

“What?” I cried. “I didn’t put that there. It must have been installed by the prior owner.”

Gary was getting madder by the minute. In the close quarters of the bathroom I could also smell the beer on his breath, the scent of both sweaty men and the aroma of vintage piss. The beer was not a good sign. He had a temper when he was sober that only got worse with alcohol. Ron had been quiet the whole time and I looked to him for some assistance. He was leaning against the doorjamb, smirking, and I couldn’t help noticing he was rubbing a prominent bulge snaking down the leg of his sweats. I could tell by his look that he was feeling good, too.

I was on my own. And at 5’8 and 150 lbs I wasn’t a match for either of these guys who met in prison and fought in MMA matches to earn a few bucks.

“Well, pervy faggot, if you want to see my cock, here it is. Take a close up!,” he said as he unzipped his jeans and hauled out his cock, Ron pushed me forward and Gary grabbed my neck and forced my face to çankırı escort within inches of his cock. It was beautiful. Full and veiny but not overly thick, it hung a good six inches long soft with a big, fat head.

“How’s that look to you, faggot?”

I wanted to say “delicious” but was paralyzed with fear. These guys could easily break every bone in my body.

“I bet you’d like to taste it, wouldn’t you?” he asked. Without waiting for an answer his hand, still gripping the back of my neck, smashed my face into his crotch and I could feel his cock starting to stiffen against my face. The musky smell of his big balls, hanging long and loose in his hairy sac made my dick squirm.

“Suck it,” he commanded. I resisted.

“Suck it, I said,” he repeated as he shoved his crotch harder into my face. His now-hard dick was beating my face like a bat. It had grown to a solid eight inches, the tapered head perfectly in proportion to the veiny shaft. As I continued to resist he reached down and pinched my nose shut. When I opened my mouth for air he shoved his rock hard tube all the way down my throat.

“That’s it, faggot, suck it all. Suck it all. You like that, don’t you?” All I could muster were some gagging sounds, as his cock filled my throat completely. He didn’t know I was secretly relishing the musky flavor of his hard cock.

Gary was fucking my face with smooth strokes, forcing his cock head down my throat and gagging me each time when I felt Ron pulling my pants down over my ass. I was bent over in the tiny bathroom with a cock fucking my throat and Ron behind my now bare butt, stroking my crack and fingering my tight pucker. Gary started face fucking me harder and I could feel the sweat dripping off his head onto mine.

Suddenly Gary stopped jerked his cock out of my throat and said “I gotta piss. Get outta the way.” The bathroom was so small, I had nowhere to go but into the tub, where Ron was sitting on the side with his pants now down around his ankles and his big uncut cock rising straight up.. As Gary flipped the toilet seat up Ron quickly grabbed my head and directed my mouth to his fat cock. I’d lost my pants in the struggle, so I straddled the tub side and gripped that gorgeous piece of meat by its base with my bare ass open and exposed.

Ron’s cock was even longer than Gary’s, a good ten incher and so fat I could barely get my fist around it. I could smell his ripe cock head as I lowered my mouth and sank as much of it as I could into my throat I caught a quick glimpse of the serpent he had tattooed, beginning on his thigh and ending with its head right above his cockbush. With its mouth open and forked tongue extended, it looked like it was laughing at me. But that was all I caught – a glimpse – as Ron quickly had me bobbing on his plump, uncut sausage. Gary was standing beside us with his big hard dick hanging over the toilet when he started cursing, “Goddamnit. I’m too hard to piss.”

Ron started laughing but I could tell Gary wasn’t amused.

“Fuck,” he said, “I know how to take care of this.” He reached between my legs, grabbed my balls and pulled my ass upwards. Then he spread my cheeks, spit on my hole and rammed his rock hard rod into my ass in one hard push. I would have screamed in pain if my mouth hadn’t been filled with a big hard dick. I’d had a friend over the night before who had fucked me a couple of times and my hole was pretty loose and juicy but I still wasn’t ready for a cock that size tearing into my guts.

Ron took that opportunity to push his fat cock even further down my throat. “Yeah, baby, suck that dick,” he said. “And look at me. Look at the guy whose cock you’re sucking.” I looked up at his goateed face, shaved head, tatted neck.

“Lick my balls,” he said, and closed his eyes and tilted his head back. Even though he was such a hairy guy, his ball sac was hairless but just as meaty as his cock. I sucked one of the big eggs into my mouth and then the other, savoring the sweaty taste and smell of his nuts. Meanwhile, Gary was reciting a mantra of “Make me cum, boy, make me cum. Make me cum, boy, make me cum.” By now, my hole had stretched to accommodate his big cock and it was feeling real good as he slid in and out of me. It must have felt pretty good to him, too, because he was taking his time, slowly sliding in and out and looking down to watch my hungry hole gobble up his hard meat with each thrust. His breath started speeding up and as he got close to his goal, the alpha male of the duo pulled his cock out of my ravaged hole, yanked my head from Ron’s cock, turned me around and pushed me back onto Ron’s chest.

“Hold his mouth open,” he told his fuck partner. Ron put his inked fingers into my mouth, spread my lips and Gary shoved his juicy cock into my throat. I could taste my ass juices and the precum leaking out of his piss hole as he thrust his hard cock a time or two deep into my throat before he started spewing cum all over the inside of my mouth. “Swallow it – swallow it,” he commanded. I swallowed to the best of my ability, loving the smoky flavor of his thick cum. Ron scraped the jizz that dripped down my chin and neck back into my mouth with his tattooed fingers. Gary held my head, shoved his softening cock back into my hungry mouth and continued pumping while Ron’s hands lifted and spread my ass and placed it over his cock. I could feel his thick fingers slide into my raped ass.

“You know what to do, boy,” he said. It was no use resisting, even if I had wanted to, which I didn’t. I eased my stretched hole over his cock, which was thicker than his buddy’s so my ass got stretched even wider and I could feel his fat cock head swell even bigger as I slid down his hard shaft. He grunted as I bottomed out with all of his massive meat buried up to his balls in my guts. “Now ride,” he commanded. I reached up to grab the towel bar and rode his cock as instructed, still sucking Gary’s half hard cock. “Ah, finally,” Gary said. A hot stream of piss entered my mouth and I swallowed as fast as I could. Gary grabbed the sides of my head and forced his spewing dick deep into my mouth and said, “Drink that recycled beer, buddy. Drink it all.”

And I did, gulping it down and loving my first taste of his steaming man piss. That seemed to do the trick for Ron, who started bucking hard. The whole time, I’d been bouncing up and down and sliding my hot hole over the length of his hard cock while he had been twisting my nipples or reaching down to pull and stretch my bouncing ball sac. His cock had gotten as hard as an iron bar and felt like it was jamming up into my chest as it swelled even bigger.

Suddenly, he grabbed me by the hips and shoved his cock balls deep in my hole and I felt his hot cum splash my insides like molten lava and then slowly run out of my stretched hole and down my leg, there was so much of it. Gary pulled his now soft cock out of my mouth with a pop and said, “I need a beer,” as he left the room. Ron was panting so much I didn’t think he could move, even to pull his cock out of my ass. It seemed like the sweat between his furry stomach and my back was a glue holding us together. Slowly, he started nibbling my neck as he took his tattooed right hand, wiped some of his jizz from his thigh, and started pumping my cock.

“You done good,” he said. “We shouldn’t have all the fun.” His thick tattooed fingers slid up and down my hard cock. I don’t think my cock had been soft from the time I had answered the door and now, between knowing he was jerking me off with his own cum, the delicious feeling of his big cock buried in my ass and the slutty sensation of being watched by Gary, who was leaning naked in the doorway, drinking a beer and fingering his own cock, I was hotter than a two dollar whore. I felt Ron’s cock starting to get hard again inside me and I started riding him with smooth strokes in time with his hand pumping my cock harder and harder. I felt the strong muscles in his inked forearms as I used them like armrests to help me ride his cock, my fucked out hole clamping down on his cock as I felt my balls drawing up and getting ready to empty my load . Suddenly, he exploded another geyser of cum in my ass and I exploded in his hand, watching my cum shoot up and out across the room to land at Gary’s feet. Ron wiped my cum across my face, feeding me some, then turned me around on the pivot of his cock and stuck his tongue down my throat. “Hmmm. I could get used to this,” he said. “Me, too,” I croaked.

Gary, standing in the doorway with his now fully hard cock in his hand said, “And don’t worry about the camera. We found it on another job and just thought it might come in handy. Now, get over here and slide that little asshole over my dick so I can feel what it’s like to fuck my buddy’s load.” And from that day forward, I willingly became Ron and Gary’s out-of-prison bitch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32