My First Clumsy Man On Man Experience

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After Jay’s departure we lay cuddled up next to each other. I lay on my back while Mandy lay in my left arm next to me, her head on my chest. Mandy felt a little uncomfortable and uneasy. When I asked her why, she explained that she wasn’t sure how I felt about what had transpired and how I would now react. Let’s face it, most guys would probably react overly aggressive should they stumble upon their semi-nude wife on the kitchen counter with her naked legs wrapped around another man’s head.

She further confessed that she had had a three-way with Jay and a friend of his shortly before she and I met. She was not aware of his bi tendencies and was worried that I would now freak out at her for not having been entirely honest with me. I smiled to myself and pulled her closer to me in a reassuring embrace.

I told her that I had really enjoyed myself. I was happy we had finally gotten to have an enjoyable threesome. I was truly surprised but elated that our partner might be bi too. What occurred before we met had no bearing on our current situation.

When she realized that I was not going to commit an atrocity out of anger, she relaxed noticeably and melted closer to me. We lay together until it was time to get up and continue with our daily routine.

My main concern though was about how she now felt! Was she happy? Did she enjoy herself? Would she allow this to happen again? What are her expectations? What other fantasies did she have that she would explore in real life? We didn’t speak much though. This was a blissful quiet moment that I savoured.

Later that night in bed we continued chatting about our eventful day. She expressed she had some fantasies she was willing to try, but that she was in no hurry. She had enjoyed the day and would do this again. However, she did not elaborate any further.

Mandy encouraged me to explore my bi-curiosity. She gave me permission then to explore and experiment with men if I wanted to. She did however make some rules: Absolutely discrete. She needed to know about it at all times. Safety and cleanliness was of utmost importance. This was no licence to fool around with women (damn, that sucks, but hey, it’s a pretty good deal so far).

Jay and I kept in contact through e-mails. He too had enjoyed our meeting and was eager to continue. He admitted to being bi and wanted to explore some more with me. Obviously he was keen for Mandy to be involved as well, but she decided to stay on the side-lines for a while.

Jay was married and his wife was not as understanding as mine. Seems she did not know about his activities. Apparently she izmit escort would have a heart attack if she found out and much worse if she discovered his bi tendencies. This did make meeting up a little more problematic.

Finally, after a month we managed to find the time and place to hook up alone. It was a Saturday morning when Jay sent me a text message. He was free that morning and wanted to meet at his practice. As intrigued as I was, I was very wary. His practice is in town and that is a very busy area, especially on a Saturday morning.

He assured me that we would not be discovered or disturbed and that the practice was closed on Saturdays. We would have time and security there, so I finally agreed. I left the house without telling Mandy where I was going. I was too nervous and also too excited.

At the practice I nervously knocked on the door. The blinds rattled and a key turned in the lock. The door opened a fraction and Jay peered around it and smiled at me. He waved me to hurry in and quickly closed and locked the door behind me. After adjusting the blinds he led me past the reception, down a passage to his consulting rooms.

He assured me that nobody would disturb us. Once inside his rooms, he turned and immediately grabbed my crotch. I jumped back with surprise. Here I was in a place I have always feared going to and was about to engage in an unacceptable sexual act (where we live homosexuality is considered almost criminal).

Jay smiled mischievously and told me to relax. He unbuttoned my jeans and fumbled around to get his hand into my boxers. I didn’t know what I had expected, but his hand was warm and it felt nice to have someone dig around in my jeans. He got hold of what he was looking for and proceeded to fish my manhood out. This was not going to happen. I often struggle to get my best pal out and always open my belt, button and zipper to gain easier access.

I stepped back, bumping into a couch I had not seen earlier (that bloody dental chair was too overwhelming!). I pulled my shirt out of my jeans and opened them completely. Jay knelt down in front of me and pulled my pants down with my underwear. My flaccid cock was now exposed and limply pointing at my shoes.

Without much ado, Jay leaned forward and engulfed my soft manhood. I was a little taken back, but soon my cock started to respond and feelings of pleasure were drifting through my loins. As I steadily grew in Jay’s mouth, he rhythmically bobbed up and down on my cock. He peered up at me and again I saw that naughty smile I had seen when we had shared my wife.

This was great. Here I was, my jeans and boxers around my ankles and a GUY was hungrily and expertly sucking my cock. In all my dreams and fantasies it did not seem this good. This was turning out better than I had ever imagined. After some minutes of bouncing his face in my crotch, I had a raging hardon.

Jay was happily sucking away when I pushed him back. He had a slightly worried expression on his face until I explained that he was a brilliant cocksucker, but it was time he freed his cock. I wanted to touch him. Hold him. Explore him. I needed to touch him. I needed to feel him. I felt a desperate need to taste my first cock, his cock.

In a flash he was on his feet, tugging his jeans down to his ankles. He grinned at me and gestured towards his semi erect cock. Gingerly, shakily, I reached out and my fingers brushed across his meat. Warm. My hand slid up to his pelvis and then under his loose hanging balls. A little moist, I thought. Slightly sweaty, I guessed. I folded my fingers around his nuts. They moved up slightly and it all felt pretty familiar. Now that I had explored his crotch, it was time to get down to business.

I wrapped my fingers around his cock. Mmmmm, it seemed to be a little bigger than just now. I moved my hand in a slow up and down motion, watching the head rise and throb slightly. This looked so good, so inviting. I felt a nervous surge of adrenaline flow through my legs. They seemed a little unsteady. This is it. This is what I have fantasised about so often. Had dreamt of. This is what I had wanted to experience for so long.

I knelt down in front of Jay. I didn’t even notice the hard, cold tiles. I was focused on the beautiful cock in my hand. I dare say I was mesmerised. In an almost trancelike state my head bent towards this incredibly alluring appendage. I stuck my tongue out and brushed it along a small part Jay’s cock. Warm. Soft, yet still erect. Mmmmm. That felt nice. I wanted more. Again I licked along the shaft and finally just opened my mouth in pure and utter lust to envelope my first cock in my cock-virgin mouth.

I was sucking on a growing cock. Hard, yet soft. Firm, yet spongy. Warm. It felt so good to have Jay’s cock in my mouth. A real, live, fantastic, beautiful, pulsing cock! I bobbed my head up and down, trying to remember what those starlets used to do in the porn movies. I had to remind myself to move the teeth out of the way. I was still nervous, but I was starting to really enjoy this.

I bobbed away while moving my tongue under the ridge. I could feel and taste a change. Obviously Jay was starting to leak pre-cum. I must be doing something right! But this is a part I had not taken into account before. Oh yes, I had wondered about what to do when the cock erupts in my mouth, but never about what to do about the pre-cum.

I slid my head back until just Jay’s cockhead was in my mouth. I ran my tongue across the slit to get a proper taste of his pre-cum. I remember thinking that it was not that bad at all. It didn’t actually have a taste. More a texture. Slimy, but pleasantly so. I smiled inwardly and proceeded to slide this fantastic live treat into my mouth.

I sucked gently. I swirled my tongue around when I remembered to. I bobbed up and down on this gorgeous offering. I popped Jay out of my mouth and rubbed his now very hard and dripping cock over my left cheek, then my right. He groaned. I hungrily sucked him back in again and started bobbing up and down again.

Not much longer and he started to slowly push in and out of my cocksucking mouth. His hips were swaying to and fro gently and I was loving it even more. I gripped his arse cheeks for support and continued sucking like a baby on a teat. Suddenly he tensed up, jerked back, grabbed his cock around the base, stroked up and down in a fury and shot a huge sperm-arch past my shoulder, across the tiles. He grunted very loudly and panting heavily collapsed onto the couch.

Wow. That was brilliant. I had finally sucked a cock and the man that I had sucked was exhausted. Not bad, I thought to myself. Jay confirmed this by telling me how much he had enjoyed that. He got up off the couch and pushed me down onto it. He made me recline along the length of the couch and without ceremony swallowed my cock. I was so engrossed in sucking my first cock that I had almost forgotten my own cock. I was semi erect but in no time at all Jay had me hard enough to crack those hard tiles he was kneeling on.

He wanked and sucked and bobbed up and down. He looked up at me with smiling eyes. I must admit that I did not last very long. I warned him just before I was about to cum. From somewhere he produced a box of tissues and held it over my super hard cock to catch my cum. I blasted and blasted and blasted and I think I even shot once or twice when there was nothing left to shoot.

I lay there panting for a while. Jay busied himself cleaning his mess off the floor. Once my breathing returned to normal, I stood up to pull my pants up. My legs felt shaky. Jelly-like. Jay wanted to know what I thought. I told him that this was nice, but that it was too soon to give a true opinion.

He smiled and asked if I would do this again. I grinned and told him that I would certainly like to do this again. He beamed from ear to ear and wanted to know when.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32