My Senior Year Ch. 04: Ms O’Morin

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So far, I have recounted my first three sexual experiences, all of which were with fellow senior students at secondary school. Readers who are following this series will recall that they were Courtney (chapter two), Rhiannon (chapter three) and Maya (chapter one), told in that order for reasons explained in the first chapter.

The week after Maya and I had sex in the computer lab, the school held its annual swimming carnival. I was never a particularly strong swimmer, so I opted to stay at school and get ahead on some projects (although that also meant passing up the opportunity to ogle students and staff in swimwear). This meant that the school was virtually empty, because those students who didn’t attend the carnival took it as an opportunity to take a day off school.

I couldn’t blame them, but because I wanted to leave school with a good grade, I decided to spend the time studying.

Although I was eighteen and arguably didn’t need to be watched, I was still put under the supervision of Ms O’Morin, my German teacher, whose demountable classroom stood at somewhat of a distance from the rest of the school.

There were no other senior students at school that day, so Ms O’Morin’s classroom was empty apart from the two of us. I was hoping to complete a history project that day, but was struggling to maintain my concentration due to the warm weather.

I looked over at Ms O’Morin, who was sitting at her desk grading papers. Readers may remember that my school had an abundance of attractive female students and staff. By my own admission, there wasn’t much to compare them to, and the proximity probably made the female staff more attractive than they would have otherwise been outside school.

Either way, I found Ms O’Morin attractive. Unconventionally so, but not in the same way as Maya.

Ms O’Morin was about 30, and had long, dirty-blonde hair that framed her cute face with its button nose, apple cheeks, and slightly bucked teeth that made her slightly resemble a hamster. She didn’t wear much make up, and this gave her an uneven complexion.

If I had to describe Ms O’Morin’s personality in one word, I would say “timid”, perhaps “shy”, or even “meek”. She never seemed as confident in her abilities as other teachers, but she was pleasant enough that even the most merciless teacher-hating students didn’t cause her much trouble.

I stared at her face as she graded the papers. I had fantasised about Ms O’Morin before, and I wondered if she had ever considered that a student would see her that way. Do teachers know that their students lust after them?

I felt a tingling in my groin and absentmindedly placed my palm in my lap. The heat, the boredom, and Ms O’Morin’s face were getting to me, and I quickly became erect. I wished she would leave the room and give me a chance to relieve myself. Like the horny young man I was, I was prepared to run the risk of getting caught.

Ten agonising minutes later, Ms O’Morin stood up and announced that she had to tend to something in the large storeroom that occupied the front third of the demountable. I watched her turn and walk out the door behind her desk, cross the atrium, and enter the storeroom, my eyes following her bottom the entire way.

This was my chance! I undid my fly and gripped my swollen member through my underwear. I could only get my finger tips on it, but with small, rapid movements I stroked myself, hoping to cum as quickly as possible before she returned. I conjured up her face in my mind, imagining her waiting for me to cum onto it.

“Could antalya escort you help me in here?”

I was startled, and pulled my hand out quickly. My penis quickly went flaccid.

“Coming!” I called back, adding, under my breath, “I wish.”

I zipped myself up and followed her path into the storeroom. Ms O’Morin was bent over and looking through some boxes on a shelf. Her black slacks were tight over her bottom, her blouse had ridden up a bit, and I could see the waistband of her navy blue panties. I paused to admire the sight, and my bulge quickly returned. This could be awkward.

Then I had an idea.

Emboldened by my recent experience with Maya, I silently closed the door behind me and approached Ms O’Morin. She heard my footsteps but didn’t turn around.

“Oh good. This box is heavier than I thought! I just need your help —”

As I reached her, I deliberately bumped my crotch against her arse. My member responded with a pulse. Ms O’Morin stopped still, then stood up. I wondered if she had realised what I’d just done.

“Everything okay?” she asked meekly.

“Well, I was thinking,” I began slowly, “maybe we can help each other out.”

There, I’d said it. No going back.

“What do you mean?”

I could see the wrinkles of concern and confusion on her face. She was clearly unsure of the direction this conversation was going.

The worst thing that happens is she says no, I urged myself.

I motioned toward the bulge in the front of my trousers. She looked down and her eyes widened.

“No. No, no, no. No,” she said firmly, shaking her head.

“Well, you’re not going to lift that box on your own,” I argued.

“I’ll ask one of the other teachers to help.”

“And what will you say when they ask you why I couldn’t do it?”

“I’ll …,” she trailed off, clearly trying to think of a plausible counter-argument.

I was being deliberately manipulative, taking advantage of the effect that hot, still air has on the mind. Before she could find an answer, I pushed again.

“Look,” I pressed calmly. “It’s hot and I’m horny. You need this box moved and I can help. No one can see us in here. Give me a quick tug, and we’ll have that box out of here before you know it.”

She sighed.

“I’m your teacher —”

“I’m eighteen.”

She sighed again, weighing it up in her mind.

“Fine,” she said eventually.

I had expected more resistance, but grinned and swiftly dropped my trousers and underwear. The bottom of my shirt lifted as my member sprang forward.

“How do we do this?” she asked, her inexperience becoming apparent.

“Well, if you’ll allow me …”

I reached out and took hold of her right wrist, guiding her hand to my shaft. She hesitated, but finally grasped it. It quivered in her hand.

I pulled her wrist back and forth, showing her how to do it, before letting go so she could continue slowly stroking my member, sliding the foreskin back and forth. I squeezed her left buttock with my right hand, pulling her closer to me, our bodies touching. I raised my left hand to her face and stroked her cheek gently, then kissed her lips.

Ms O’Morin pulled back, releasing my from her hand. I conceded.

“Must we?” she asked.

“It’d make things go faster.”

She stared at me, but appeared to relax and we embraced. Her hand returned to my member and she resumed stroking. We kissed again. This time she was more accommodating, and allowed my tongue to explore her mouth.

My right hand left her buttock and wandered up her side. I felt her bra strap beneath her blouse and began stroking the side of her breast. There was nothing more than a muffled whimper.

I was glad of her inexperience, because she stroked at such a slow pace that I didn’t think there was a risk that I’d cum anytime soon. She didn’t know that though.

My right hand felt for the hem of her blouse, and slid underneath, venturing up her soft skin, again finding her bra strap. This time I was able to slip my hand underneath the strap and work my way between her breast and the cup. I grabbed at her flesh, squeezing the nipple between between my fingers. She did well to conceal the size of her breasts, but I could tell they were on the larger side. I felt her nipple harden and her breathing become more intense — both good signs.

I slid my hand out from under her bra and moved it down to her hip. The waistband of Ms O’Morin’s panties were still sticking out above her slacks. I put a finger inside the waistband and squeezed the flesh of her bottom, before moving my hand around to the front. I played with her soft pubic hair and she moaned as I massaged her mound. My hand pressed further, until the tips of my fingers felt the soft flesh of her outer labia.

Ms O’Morin’s thighs were too close together for me to go much further, so I applied pressure and she slowly spread her legs. My hand slid forward and my middle finger rubbed against her labia.

A moan of pleasure escaped Ms O’Morin’s mouth. I could feel her increasing wetness as I caressed her lady parts. I was confident that there would be no more resistance. I tried pushing my finger inside her, but the angle didn’t allow much penetration.

“Can I put it in you?” I asked, nodding at my member. “Do you want that?”

Ms O’Morin nodded in response.

“Let’s start by getting you out of those clothes,” I said.

The poor woman must be sex-starved, I thought, as she obediently undid her white blouse and revealed her torso, her navy blue satin bra contrasting against her pale white skin.

She removed her shoes and pulled down her slacks, stepping out of them and pushing them side with her foot.

There Ms O’Morin stood, wearing only her navy blue sati underwear. I took in her pale skin, her thick thighs, her slightly chubby belly, and her large breasts.

“Actually, I want to fuck your tits first,” I said decisively.

Ms O’Morin’s face flushed visibly.

“I’ve never done that before …”

I paused. Readers of the previous chapters will know that I was just as inexperienced in this area.

I realised I hadn’t said anything and broke the silence with a hum. An image floated into my mind and I grabbed it.

“I think it’d be best if you sat on a chair,” ploughing on before she could object.

I found a plastic chair and put it behind Ms O’Morin.

“Now,” I continued, as she sat down, “take off your bra and lean back.”

Ms O’Morin’s large breasts drooped just a little when she freed them. I stepped out of my trousers and stood with a leg either side of her thighs. I felt her soft, warm skin press against me.

I pushed my member between her breasts and used my hands to squeeze them together around me. I tried to thrust between her breasts, but there was too much resistance. I relaxed the pressure, but her sweat simply didn’t provide enough lubricant, and I actually found it painful.

“You’ll have to spit a bit,” I said.

Ms O’Morin dribbled some saliva onto her breasts and I spread it around. I resumed pumping, but although it was easier, it was still not as enjoyable as I had naïvely expected.

After a few attempts I gave up and let go of her breasts. I’d learned my lesson. The mouth and the vagina and naturally moist and self-lubricating, and even the penis can lubricate itself a bit. But the breasts — and the anus — need lube.

Having given up on her breasts, I decided to take a more conventional approach. After all, fucking a teacher would be an adventure of its own.

I pulled Ms O’Morin to a standing position.

“It’s time,” I said. “Let’s see that muff of yours.”

Ms O’Morin nervously pulled her panties down, revealing her hairy pubic mound. Her pubic hair was thick and lush. I embraced her and we kissed again, my hand finding its way between her thighs, gliding through her hair. I wanted to be sure she was good and wet.

My extended middle finger parted her labia and jabbed upward. She gasped sharply as I fingered her snatch. The more I slid my finger in and out, the more her juices flowed down my finger. She was soon ready.

We broke apart and I turned her around, pushing her gently toward the chair.

“Why don’t you kneel there, and rest your arms on the back of their chair?” I suggested.

Ms O’Morin perched herself on the chair as I said, leaning forward and exposing her hairy muff. I approached her and nuzzled the tip of my member between her outer labia.

Then, with my hands on her hips, I plunged.

I couldn’t believe I was inside Ms O’Morin! I pushed as far as I could, burying my cock deep inside her.

I pulled myself out, then thrust again. She moaned as I pushed into her. My body slapped against her arse cheeks as I fucked her cunt.

“Oh!” she moaned. “Don’t stop!”

I didn’t. My cock glided in and out of her. She jerked forward every time my abdomen hit her arse.

Between her moans and wails, the slapping, and the sloshing sound of my cock moving back and forth, we were making a lot of noise. I was glad that the building was so far from the rest of the school.

I thought about changing the positions, but I was enjoying the ride and there weren’t many ways to do it in the storeroom. Perhaps we could stand, but I wasn’t confident I’d have the strength or stamina to hold her against a wall. For now, I was content just fucking my teacher.

Slowly, I felt myself approaching orgasm. The image from my early fantasy returned and I slowed to a stop, letting my cock slip out of her cunt.

“Kneel on the floor,” I said. Although it was more of a wish than a command, she obeyed.

I was standing over her.

“Open your mouth.”

She did and I edged forward, putting my cock between her lips. She started sucking, using her tongue to excite my tip.

“Do you like the taste of your cunt juice?”

“Mmm-hmpf,” she grunted.

Ms O’Morin’s hand was between her legs, toying her cunt as her mouth sucked on my cock.

Sensing my orgasm approaching, I pulled out of her mouth.

“Keep it open,” I said.

I took my cock in my hand and stroked, building up speed. Soon streams of white semen burst forth, hitting Ms O’Morin in the face, some landing in her mouth and rolling down her tongue. I admired my handiwork as my cock went limp.

Ms O’Morin was panting, bringing herself to orgasm.

When she was done, I found some tissues and wiped her face and hair down. I handed her a few more so she could wipe between her legs and thighs while I cleaned myself off.

We dressed wordlessly.

“Well, that’s one box taken care of,” I said, breaking the awkward silence.

To my surprise, Ms O’Morin giggled.

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