Neighborhood Improvements

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Disclaimers: 1). All characters in this story only reside in my mind. 2). All characters in this story partaking in sexual stuff are over 18 years of age. 3). I had a choice of categories for this story.

My name is Jay Green, ready to turn 27, single and an independent contractor specializing in Internet Security. While I was finishing my undergrad work at the University of Washington, I purchased an older home in a north suburb of Seattle, that needed some work, and had a smaller house on the same property. The other house needed a ton of work, one of the reasons the property came as reasonable as it did.

I had been a handy man of sorts all through high school and college, that helped me keep a fairly well toned body close to 6’3″ and right at 200 pounds.

It also helped that my dad and grandpa helped with a nice down payment. With me being my own labor, the remodeling costs were kept to a minimum. The main house that I was living in, really didn’t need all that much work, so I could finish up, while living in it.

The smaller house, which I intended on renting out, was a total gut job. The demo was a piece of cake with my pops and dad helping. Finished in one weekend. I had planned about a year for my remodel, so I wouldn’t bust my ass with the work.

I soon realized that running my own business, while remodeling a house wasn’t conducive to an active love life. My girlfriend in college let it be known she wanted a ring before I got my business off the ground, or else. After a few sleepless nights, I took the or else. I just did not want to be pressured into a marriage, especially since Veronica informed me during our 2 plus years together that she wanted children, sooner rather than later, and didn’t want them raised in my religion. That was a non starter for me, even though I didn’t attend Shul on a regular basis my children would be raised Jewish. At least there would be a discussion, not an or else.

So while my Internet Security business flourished, and my rental house was taking shape, my sex life rivaled a Trappist Monk. This troubled both my mother and grandmother, both of whom wanted another generation, while they could still enjoy spoiling a child of mine.

While both working and remodeling I began meeting my neighbors. Some of whom were nice enough, but some were right in the center bullseye of class A jerks. I discovered a couple of them were just plain racist. When they noticed a “Mezzuzah”, a Torah scroll, on my door frame, they just seemed to ignore me. Their loss.

When I was just a couple of weeks from finishing, I put an ad out for renters. I did all my research. I talked at length with Realtors, and knew what a fair price would be for a 2 bed 1.5 bathroom cottage would be. I also knew how to check references.

As applications started coming in online, I couldn’t believe some of the absolute shit I was seeing. A couple with 3 kids! Didn’t they see 2 bedrooms? A single guy, offering me 1/2 the advertised rent. This wasn’t Let’s Make A Deal! There were others that just didn’t feel right. I finally had a face to face with a couple, who after seeing my renovated house looked at me and said, “this looks awful old for the price.” My ad stated the construction year, so I had no idea what they wanted. Don’t people read the fucking ad?

Almost about to give up, I get another application, asking when they could see the house. I set up a time on a Saturday, for their convenience. I wasn’t sure what to expect, only knowing their names, Eileen and Chris.

When they arrived I was a bit surprised to see Eileen, who looked about 15, white, with multi colored hair and more than a few tattoos and piercings. She might have been 5’2″ or so, and maybe 125 or 130. Not overly endowed, but not wearing a bra. She did set my mind at ease, showing me her driver’s license, telling me she was 26 years of age. Chris, on the other hand looked 30’ish, light skinned African/American, close to 6′ tall and, guessing, pushing 180, at least. Now she was really in need of the bra she must have misplaced while getting dressed.

Showing them the house, which they really liked, eskişehir escort so we all went inside my house to do some paper work. I did tell them that I would check their references, but they seemed to be fine. I noticed they worked at the same business, “The Ladies Who Lunch” Without thinking, I asked if this was a restaurant. Both of them started laughing, telling me this was a sex shop, for ladies! Stunned for a minute, I grinned, echoing the name, “Ladies Who Lunch” I get it, now.

“Does our business, or the fact we are a couple bother you?”

“Will you pay your rent on time, and keep the place neat and orderly?” I told them those were my requirements. “Oh, and no illegal drugs.”

“Fine with us,” they said in unison.

“Good, then your relationship is not a problem, with me.”

Since the following Saturday, was the first of the next month, I told them they were all set.

That evening, I checked out their store’s web site. I am not easily shocked, but their prices were out of this world. They sold clothing for each and every phase of women loving women. From the “normal” crotchless panties, bras where there is no nipple covering, to anything and everything needed from evening wear to dominatrix gear. They also carried how to videos, along with any and all BD/SM equipment.

I could see where women could drop a couple of grand, easily in one shopping trip. The fact they were a couple was the least of my concerns.

On afternoon, during the week, I decided to check this place out. Walking in, Chris greeted me, “hello, Mr. Green,” she cheerfully stated. “Its Jay, if you still want to rent from me,” I said with a huge grin. Just then, Eileen came in from a back room, with an arm full of clothing. At least I think it qualified as clothing. Lots of leather. Chaps, vests, fingerless gloves. You get the idea.

“See anything for that special lady in your life?”

“Nope, very single at this time, and before you ask, neither my mother nor grandmother would enjoy your wears. I guarantee it!

On Saturday, they had one hell of a moving crew, helping to unload a medium sized rental truck and several cars. It didn’t bother me at all, but one of my racist neighbors walked by, stopped at my front door, getting ready to say something.

“Before you make a fool of yourself, they are more than welcome in MY house!”

He turned and stormed off.

When this moving crew finished, they ordered pizza and beers and invited me to join them. I must admit, thinking I was quite open minded, I was shocked when I entered their living room. There was a girl with two guys, and my renters, Eileen and Chris. It seems as if my renters had stopped to shower and came back into the living room wearing boy shorts. And nothing else!

Chris laughed, saying, “I should take a picture of that face!”

“Haven’t you ever seen tits before?” Eileen asked.

I told them they caught me off guard. If you think I was caught off guard, you should have seen the pizza delivery guy, when Chris answered the door with her D cups and giant nipples pointing at his face. Poor kid nearly dropped our food. Knowing this kid was shocked, Eileen walked up behind her and took her hands and caressed both boobs. When she started rubbing Chris’s nipples, they must have grown to close to an inch long. I must have stared, because after they paid for the pizza, Chris walked over towards me, laughing, and put her arms around my neck and kissed me on my lips.

“Hey, you kiss pretty good. For a man!”

I had to admit, her kiss was very nice. When I looked at Eileen for any reaction, she followed right behind, stood on her tip toes and not only gave me a smoking hot kiss, but drove her tongue inside my eager mouth.

Wow! My mind was whirling while we ate our pizza, sipped our beers and just talked as if the two girls sitting there topless were normal.

When I decided to head back to my house, they both thanked me for being so understanding of their life style. Each gave me a departing kiss, rubbing their boobs against my chest. I decided with each girl to caress gaziantep escort their breasts, while kissing them goodbye. Eileen told me, while my hand had her nipple at full mast, that we, all three of us should plan a night together. Chris seconded that notion, with my mouth locked onto her enormous nipple. Wow! Would I have a threesome with two lesbians? Only time will tell.

Over the ensuing weeks, no mention of getting together was mentioned, but I did have a request to fix a drippy faucet in their kitchen. When I entered the house, Chris was standing in the kitchen, topless, and wearing a pair of old fashioned panties, that I would call “granny panties” Oh, yes, they were crotchless. Her full bush was on display, which I just stared at, smiling. Just then, Eileen joined us in the kitchen wearing a pair of flip flops, a smile and a strap on that had to be close to a foot long. Her large B cups topped by smallish but thick nipples. Grinning, she asks “want a taste, its flavored?” I hesitated, before politely declining. As I set my tool box down, getting a few new parts that I could have sworn were new, Eileen moved behind Chris and started rubbing “King Dong” between her butt cheeks. Chris moved over to the kitchen table, laying face down, offering both Eileen and me a view of her soaking wet sex. Eileen moved right behind her slowly inserting a few inches inside its target. More, baby, Chris moaned, fuck me more! Eileen more than obliged, pushing her monster all the way to the hilt. As they fucked right on the table, I realized there was nothing wrong with the faucet, and my cock was becoming very aroused. One of them told me to join in wherever I wanted, so I quickly discarded my clothes and moved behind Eileen. Taking her eraser sized nipples in my hands, gently rubbing them, my cock was pressed right up to her own ass cheeks. From out of nowhere, a condom appeared, with a small packet of lube. Slipping the condom on, and applying some lube, I gently started pushing my nearly 8 inches into her very receptive ass.

“Oh, shit, Jay, fuck me harder,” she moaned, as she kept fucking Chris. With our height difference I wasn’t all that comfy, but I do love a great butt fucking any time it is offered. I’m not sure which of the girls was moaning louder, but almost the same time Chris let out a loud roar, Eileen started bucking faster, and faster, holding onto her dildo, that unleashed a torrent of some white, sticky liquid into Chris’s pussy. Holy shit, I thought, a dildo that squirts!

As both girls were spent, they realized I didn’t finish. Without saying a word, they led me to their bedroom, removed the condom, laying me on the bed. Chris moved me on my side taking my still rock hard shaft in her mouth and started sucking very gently. Eileen moved in back of me, rubbing her oiled finger inside my own very virgin ass hole.

I must have jumped, because she quietly patted my behind, telling me she was using a much smaller strap on than Chris had. If it wasn’t for the fact my cock was being treated to one of the all time great blow jobs, I would have objected. Slowly, I felt the tip of her faux cock entering my lubed up back door.

“Oh, fuck me gently!” I moaned, with my cock getting world class service, and my not so virgin ass being invaded by about 6 inches of synthetic material of some sort. My head was spinning, as I started to get that feeling. My balls twitched twice, followed by several mighty streams of hot cum. While Chris continued sucking, Eileen withdrew her “cock” joining Chris, finishing cleaning my shaft and deeply kissing each other, sharing my offering.

Without saying a word, they both moved towards me, kissing me and sharing my offering between the three of us.

“For a man, you are smoking hot,” one of them said.

“I agree!” said the other. I’m still not sure which one said which line, not that it mattered. All I knew was that I had a nearly inch long dark nipple in my mouth, and her other one in my hand. All the while, Eileen was getting busy getting my cock back up to strength.

“Chrissey, you have to let him fuck you, too,” giresun escort Eileen gasped. Another condom appeared, while I got on my back. Chris lowered her absolutely sopping wet pussy onto my shaft, with Eileen getting yet another strap on and pushing into Chris’s receptive back side. After more than a few minutes, we traded places, with me fucking Chris in the ass, with her on top of Eileen and “King Dong!”

My God, these two were insatiable! I’m just glad I was up to the task at hand. After a trio of orgasms, we laid side by side by side, after cleaning up.

“You know, we don’t normally fuck guys,” Eileen told me.

“I’m honored,” I replied.

With each laying their heads on my shoulders, I decided to see how receptive they would be to a little oral action. Moving down, rolling them both onto their backs, I moved first to the very thick, curly bush between Chris’s thighs. Wow, her clit popped out of hiding on my second lick. It took me less than 10 minutes before she squirted two or three streams of girl cum right inside my mouth.

Moving to Eileen’s neatly trimmed light brown bush, she was much easier to get off, after just a dozen or so licks she came all over my face.

After bringing both of them to huge climaxes, my cock was aching again, so Chris got out “Mini Dong” lubed it and softly inserted it into my ass, while I covered up and started fucking Eileen doggie style. I couldn’t believe the noises heard all throughout their bedroom. All three of us collapsed on their bed, with me reliving all that took place. I did a three way twice. I got fucked in my ass. Twice. I ate them both to orgasm.

“How long have you two been planning thus?” I questioned.

“From they day we first saw this house.”

Grinning, I told them I didn’t think I missed any plumbing fixtures doing my remodel. I hope you know you don’t have to be sneaky, don’t you?

“Yes, but wasn’t this more fun?”

I had to admit, it was.

As my luck continued, with at least one item needing to be fixed every 8 to 10 days, or so, we continued fucking like rabbits for several months.

One sunny Autumn afternoon, I was mowing both lawns with both girls sitting on lawn chairs, watching me. Yes, they were dressed, so to speak. At least their boobs were almost covered. When who should drive up, but Veronica, the “or else” girl from college. I had heard from friends she had already divorced one poor stooge, who thought he could control her overwhelming desire to have children, as quickly as possible.

As she got out of her car, my girlfriends slowly got out of their lawn chairs, moving towards me, and grinning. Yes, they knew the entire Veronica story, every last bit of it.

Trying not to stare, she asked if we could talk, privately. Moving her off to one side of my house, she starts to sniffle, and tell me how much she misses me, and how much of a mistake she made walking away from me.

“First off, I walked away from you,” I said, “and nothing I know about your divorce makes me want to change my mind.”

Just as I was finishing my little speech, both Chris and Eileen walked around to where we were standing, and just glared at poor Veronica.

“You snooze, you lose, honey,” Eileen said, with one hand firmly holding one of Chris’s boobs. “We give Jay anything and everything he could ever want.”

With grins as wide as my front yard and both girls playing with each others boobs, Eileen quietly says “we have a foot long dildo that would go perfectly up your tight ass!”

Even though Veronica might have loved that offering, she gave us all a very indignant look, and stormed off. I thought that should be the last I ever see her. All three of us were laughing as she drove away.

That night, I was sitting, enjoying a cold beer, thinking about where my life was. I had a very successful business. I had a few really nice neighbors. I had all the sex I could ever ask for. Did I want to search for a normal relationship? Whatever that is! My two “girlfriends” were more than I could handle. There was absolutely no way I could have ever imagined a relationship any where close to what we three have. I could have never imagined having wild, three way sex with two rock solid lesbians. I could have never imagined having any number of dildos up my ass, while fucking either of two wonderful human beings.

As a wise man once said, life us good!

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