Revenge Affair

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I’ve found through experience that things seldom end up the way we plan. Call it fate or karma, or whatever the hell you want to call it. I just call it life.

Growing up I always had big plans and big dreams. There were about five different professions I was sure I was heading for growing up, until the next idea grabbed me and changed my mind. Now I have a degree in marketing and I’m a consultant for a co-op of medium sized, privately owned businesses. That was never on my mind when I was growing up.

I also had several girlfriends over the years, a few of which I ‘knew’ were the one. But usually after a few months or a long summer break the relationship would fizzle out and we would move on, as was typical for a high school kid with no clear vision of the future yet.

But eventually I did meet a wonderful girl. Diane and I had a couple basic courses together in college, although she was focusing on child psychology and not marketing. Nevertheless, we hit it off. She was smart and witty. And she was also beautiful. She was average height at just under 5’6″, but she was fit and had amazing curves in all the right places. She was one of those girls that looked great in any state of dress from formal to completely naked.

We dated for a little over a year. And each day we spent together was better than the day before. Our relationship was great, both intellectually and in bed. Diane loved adventure and was always interested in exploring new things. She was also an enthusiastic lover and liked to experiment just enough to keep things interesting.

Eventually we got married. We both had two years of schooling left and so we were in no hurry to start a family or make any big plans yet. We were both content to share our lives together, and worry about the future when it arrived. We’ve enjoyed what I would consider to be four good years of marriage. We both received our degrees and found jobs with great potential. Things appeared to be heading in just the right direction.

That is until about six months ago. There’s nothing that I could put my finger on at the time, but something changed in our relationship. I noticed she was growing a bit distant and often seemed distracted. Whenever I asked her about it she simply shrugged it off as work-related stress. But I had a strong feeling it was something more. And as the weeks passed I began to suspect that she might be having an affair. At first I didn’t want to admit it to be true. But looking back at the signs that were there, it’s clear that she was seeing someone else. I wasn’t sure how to deal with it. I had no proof other than the feeling in my gut. There were a lot of circumstantial indicators that something was going on. But nothing I could put together into a rational argument without sounding insecure.

Then to make things even worse, my little sister called me on the verge of tears one evening and told me she had similar suspicions about her husband of three years. My sister Alexus and I come from a family that stressed commitment and keeping your word. Our parents had both died when I was in college, our mother from cancer and our father from a heart attack two years later. And as we grieved together we vowed that we would live our lives with the same values that our parents had. They had stayed together through hard times and good times over a marriage that lasted nearly 25 years. So it was difficult for us to face the notion that we both had spouses that didn’t hold the same values, and were very likely being unfaithful.

Over the next couple of months Alexus and I continued to talk on the phone whenever we could. She and her husband lived in another part of the state, about two hours away. So we still saw each other several times each year. But the circumstances we now faced drew us even closer together. With our parents being gone, and with our spouses’ infidelity, we were all we each had left.

Then about three weeks ago we both came to the same disturbing conclusion. Not only were we sure that our spouses were cheating, we had discovered evidence that they were having an affair…with each other. My wife had been shacking up with my sister’s husband whenever they found the opportunity. Again, with hind sight being much clearer, we should have seen the signs. They both worked in the same industry. Diane was a children’s counselor, and Alexus’ husband Chad was a high school guidance counselor. They had obviously met at one of the many conventions they attend each year and had hit it off in such a way that they felt the need to explore a relationship with each other.

The final confirmation came when they both announced their plans to attend a week-long conference in Portland. Since both Alexus and I had growing suspicions that something was going on I called the hotel they were staying and, pretending to be Chad, confirmed his reservation was for a Mr and Mrs. And when Alexus called to inquire about Diane’s reservation we learned that she hadn’t made one. It wasn’t definitive proof, but it was enough for us.

Now sure how Onwin giriş to deal with things we decided that Alexus would come and stay with me for the week they would be gone. She told Chad that she wanted to do some ‘shopping and stuff’ and I explained to Diane that it would be a great opportunity for me to spend some time with my sister. The conference started on a Monday morning so they made plans to fly out on Sunday evening. And since the main airport is close to my house, Chad and Alexus drove over. The four of us had dinner out and then Alexus and I dropped them at the airport. It was an awkward couple of hours as Diane and Chad did their absolute best to pretend they were nothing more than colleagues. But their body language and fleeting eye contact with each other betrayed them.

Finally we put them on a plane and Alexus and I headed back to my house. We had barely made it in the door when Alexus collapsed into my arms in tears. We made it to the couch where we held each other silently for nearly an hour. We were both reeling from the realization that we were both losing our marriages. But there were really no words for the moment.

Eventually she composed herself and said she wanted to get settled and cleaned up. I brought in her suitcases for her and helped her get settled into the guest room, then left her alone. When she finally emerged a while later she had changed into her pajamas and robe. She had showered and cleaned herself up, but she had obviously still been crying. We held each other for several more minutes before deciding on one last check-up on our spouses just to confirm what we already knew.

Since it was already late we assumed that Chad and Diane would be getting ready for bed. So I called my wife’s cell phone just to wish her a goodnight. She answered, sounding a bit tired and also a bit annoyed. But she did her best to sound like she missed me. I told her I was just making sure they got in ok. She assured me that she did, then insisted that she was very tired and about to get into bed. At that moment, Alexus called Chad on his cell phone. He has a special ring tone for her so it would be clear who was calling. And sure enough, as I was saying goodnight to Diane I heard Chad’s cell phone ringing in the background.

Alexus had essentially the same conversation with Chad that I had with Diane. But we both could tell from our conversations that our spouses were in the same room and both were getting ready for bed. So we said our goodnights, having received the final confirmation that our spouses were sharing a hotel room, and about to share a bed. We were already sure about our suspicions, but the final confirmation was still a big blow. We sat on the couch and held each other while we did our best to keep ourselves from going nuts and falling apart. Then agreeing that we should get some rest and try and sort things out in the morning we both went off to bed. Fortunately I had informed my clients that I was going to take a few days off so I wouldn’t have to work all week. And we were obviously going to need the time to make sense of things.

Sleep was elusive as I wrestled with the same questions and emotions that my sister was obviously dealing with. But eventually I did sleep. And by morning I actually felt quite a bit better than the day before. There was a lot to deal with in the coming days, but I had finally accepted the fact that my wife was gone and my marriage was over. There was no more uncertainty. It was simply time to move on.

I was surprised to see Alexus emerge soon after, looking much better herself. “Good morning, Lexi. How did you sleep?” I asked.

“Hey there. I actually slept pretty well,” she responded. “I had trouble sleeping at first until I realized that Chad is a piece of shit and I’m going to be better off without him.” She joined me in the kitchen having poured herself a cup of coffee. “I mean, he’s obviously been fucking around, excuse my French, for a while now. I was just too blind to see it. Looking back I was obviously fooling myself by believing we would work things out.”

“I know exactly what you’re saying,” I added. “I mean, the signs were there. I think we were just…unwilling to believe it could happen to us, right?”

“Exactly,” she answered back. “But now…I just want to get on with my life. I’m not looking forward to Friday when they get back. But I’m definitely ready to tell them both to take a hike.

“They deserve each other,” I said, “and I wish them all the unhappiness in the world.”

We looked at each other for a long moment before bursting out in uncontrollable laughter. It was a wonderful moment of release. All of the stress and anxiety and bitterness that had been building up inside us was draining away. When we finally regained our composure we enjoyed a simple breakfast together, talking freely about what we both were already referring to simply as our failed marriages.

After cleaning up from our meal we decided to get out of the house and enjoy ourselves. So after getting dressed we got in my car and headed out, neither of us wearing our wedding rings and both of us flaunting it. We had a great time being totally irresponsible. We ate junk food and spent money on trinkets we didn’t really need, or even want. It felt wonderful to be spending time with my sister, just like we did before either of us got married.

By late afternoon we were running out of steam. So we found a simple restaurant and had some dinner. Again our conversation came back to our failed marriages. And though the anger and bitterness was gone, it was still not an easy subject. When we finished eating and had paid our bill we walked across the street to a park. There was a path that circled the entire park, and we found ourselves strolling.

Alexus took my hand as we walked. “Trevor, when mom and dad died I leaned pretty heavily on Chad, mainly because he was right there, at least most of the time. But you’re really the one who helped me get through it. I know you had a hard time too, but it was really your strength that kept me going. I’m really sorry that this is happening to you, too. But I’m really glad that you’re here with me now to help me through it.”

I squeezed her hand as we walked. “Lexi, you know I love you. I not happy, in any way, that we’re in this situation now. But we’ll definitely face it together. Like we always do, we’ll take care of each other.”

It was wonderful moment. Regardless of the circumstances it felt great to be with my sister. We continued our stroll around the park, still holding hands. An older couple sitting on a bench noticed us as we walked by and we could hear part of their conversation. She said to him, “remember when we were young and in love like that? It’s so nice to see young lovers taking time to enjoy a stroll like that. Just like we did when we first got married.” He agreed and they held each other and shared a tender kiss.

Hearing their conversation was a bit awkward. But neither Alexus or I said anything to them. We just let them believe we were a couple. We clearly had triggered pleasant memories for them. So we continued the charade as we walked. Strangely, by the time we got back to the car I was reluctant to let it end. I opened her door and before she climbed in we shared a hug. It was warm and pleasant and comforting. It felt good to have her in my arms.

It was the middle of the evening by the time we got back home so we both freshened up and put on more comfortable clothes. We ended up sitting together on the couch. The television was on but we were only half watching. Alexus had snuggled up to me and had her head on my shoulder. I put my arm around her and held her as we chatted. It again felt good to have her in my arms. Feeling her warmth as her body pressed against mine was comforting, but in a way that I had never felt before.

Eventually our conversation came back to our spouses, as was inevitable in our situation. “I can’t help feeling like I should have known something was happening long ago. Almost like I’m a fool for letting it happen,” I mumbled.

“It’s not like it was our fault, though.” She responded. “I mean, they were the ones being devious. They’re the ones that were cheating and lying to us.”

“Maybe it’s us who are naive,” I offered. “They had the affair. Or maybe it was even affairs. Who knows how long they’ve been doing this.” Alexus mumbled something that sounded like an agreement. Then after a moment I added, “Maybe we should have an affair, for revenge or something.”

Alexus looked up at me. I couldn’t quite read her expression when she said, “What, like we should go out and pick up dates at a bar or something?”

I just looked back into her gentle green eyes, not really knowing what I was thinking. “Or something…,” was all I said.

We looked at each other for several seconds. Then Alexus moved her head forward and touched her lips to mine. It was a move that was totally unexpected, but one I think I was hoping for, and may have made myself in another second or two. The kiss was tentative. Then she pulled back and looked at me, as if she was looking for a reaction from me while thinking, ‘what the hell just happened?’

But in that kiss, and in her look afterward, I knew what my answer was. I pulled her closer to me and pressed my lips back to hers. And then she just melted into me. It wasn’t the kind of kiss where two people are trying to devour each other. But it was still full of passion, in a way that I don’t think I had ever felt. Our mouths parted almost immediately and our tongues met.

We embraced for several minutes, breaking every now and then for a breath and a look into each other’s eyes. Our tongues danced and caressed while our hands roamed gently but freely. Her lips were warm and soft against mine. After a while I moved down and kissed her neck and shoulder. She moaned softly in pleasure as I moved my lips across her skin. And when our lips met again a moment later there was a hunger that was starting to build between us.

Finally I stood up from the couch. I reached out and offered my hand to her, which she accepted without thought. She stood with me and melted back into my arms. She was a bit taller than Diane. At just a hair over 5’9″ she was tall enough that she didn’t have to crane her neck up for us to kiss. I’m roughly 6 feet tall, and must admit it is a lot easier to kiss a girl when you don’t have to bend down too much.

After another embrace I took her hand and led her to my bedroom. What we were contemplating was incest, and was something we had always considered wrong or taboo. At least that’s what our parents had taught us. But they had also taught us to always be faithful to our spouses, and we were already in the process of crossing that line, where in fact it had already been crossed for us. And despite the fact that she was my sister, there was a love and a desire for her unlike anything I had ever felt for anyone, including Diane.

Once in my bedroom we stood at the foot of my bed. I took her into my arms and looked into her eyes. With her arms around my neck she said, “Are we really going to do this?” Her words came out a bit breathy. Her desire was obvious, and matched my own. But I could also see the conflict in her eyes, a conflict that was also going in inside my own head.

But we had already started something that I don’t think we could have stopped even if we tried. So I answered back, “This is so wrong for several reasons. But I love you so much Lexi. And I want you so badly right now that it almost hurts.”

“Oh, god Trevor…” was all she managed to say before our lips came together again. We kissed passionately, with any remaining doubts about what was happening between us freely discarded. As our tongues came together, my hands moved gently over her back and sides. Eventually I reached down and cupped her ass for a moment before moving my hands up to take hold of the bottom of her shirt.

She had changed into a loose t-shirt which I pulled up her body. She raised her hands straight up for me to pull it over her head and arms. She had on a simple, yet sexy demi bra. It was white, but had blue lace trim around the cups. And her erect nipples formed distinct points as they pressed against the fabric. As I tossed her shirt to the floor her hands moved around my torso until she found the bottom of my own shirt. Mimicking each other’s movements I raised my arms up as she pulled my shirt off, dropping it to the floor beside her own.

We resumed our kiss for a few seconds. But I felt the need to explore her body more and moved my kisses once again to her neck and shoulder. She tipped her head up and leaned back slightly as I kissed her chest. I cupped her breast in my hand as I kissed her cleavage, causing the bra strap on one side to slip off her shoulder. She moaned in response as she ran her fingers through my hair.

Her skin was warm, smooth, and pale. I kissed her chest and cleavage and the tops of her breasts for a while, caressing her skin with my lips, before reaching behind her to undo the clasp of her bra. She let her arms hang loosely at her sides as her bra slipped off and fell at our feet. I was aware of her hands returning to my bare sides as I resumed my tender ministrations.

Free of their confines I was finally able to see my sister’s breasts. I had never actually seen them, even when we were growing up, despite how hard I tried to get a look. And now they were before me, uncovered in all their glory. They were not large, perhaps on the full side of a B cup. But they were round and firm. Her nipples and areola were a dark pink color, and stood out in a sexy contrast to her pale skin.

I took one of her nipples into my mouth, rolling my tongue around the button and sucking gently. Again, Alexus moaned in pleasure. I cupped both breasts in my hands and kissed each one, moving back and forth between them as I kissed and licked and sucked them. Her breathing has started to quicken a bit, and when she spoke, the words came out as almost a breathy whisper. “Oh, god, Trevor. You’re making me feel so good.”

After several wonderful minutes with my face pressed to her breast I finally moved back up to where we could kiss again. The kiss lasted only a short moment though. Alexus had moved her hands to the waistband of my shorts and, after hooking her fingers inside both my shorts and boxers, she gently but firmly pressed them down. As my shorts descended over my hips she broke our kiss and moved her lips to my chest. I have never been extremely hairy and so the hair on my chest isn’t very thick, something of which I was grateful for as her lips found my own nipples.

I also have never had my nipples kissed or played with before. But the sensation was unexpectedly pleasant. It was like very mild electric shocks that coursed through my chest, but also causing a pleasant stirring in my groin that I hadn’t expected. She let her lips linger on each of my nipples for a few seconds before she continued down my chest to my navel. And as her mouth descended, so did my shorts. My cock sprang free and stood up straight and true, as if reaching out longingly for the beautiful face that was heading its way.

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