Teacher’s Pet Pt. 06

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Judy and I continue our fun on the lake.

I had to leave shortly after Sharon had masturbated Judy to orgasm and I had jacked off on Judy’s tits for them.

Judy was teaching during the summer and got out of class at noon. She called me Wednesday and asked if we could get together on Thursday, that she needed to talk to me. I suggested that we go out to Lake Garza Elm for the afternoon. It would not be crowded on a workday and we could take the family boat out. She agreed and we found a place we could meet.

We met up on Thursday. We left her car at the meeting place and I drove over to the marina to get the boat. On the way over Judy started taking her pants off. I looked over with a smile on my face. Reaching into her bag she grabbed the black bikini I had seen her in the first day. Pulling her panties off she slipped her bottoms on while I tried not to stare and wreck the car. She then reached under her shirt and undid her bra pulling her arms through her sleeves and slipping her bra out. Judy looked around for traffic and pulled her shirt over her head, her tits now exposed. She quickly pulled the top on and tied it into place and then pulled a tee shirt over her to cover up a bit. Pretty exciting to see her get naked in the car as she changed.

Pulling into the marina, she looked around nervously. We had not been out this public before.

“You sure this is okay?,” she asked.

“Yes, I do not want us to get caught either. There is nobody out here on a weekday and we will stay away from other boats.”

We grabbed a bag of towels and the beer cooler. Pulled the cover off of the 20 foot open bow boat but left the top up for shade and lowered it into the water. Clearing the marina I pointed us to a fairly secluded part of the lake.

As we were driving over I asked Judy what she wanted to talk about. She seemed apprehensive but finally looked at me and said, “Sharon and I have been spending a lot of time together since you left the other day. We have been sleeping together at night.”

“That sounds exciting.”

“It is. I did not know it could be. We had been kinda dancing around how we felt about each other, hanging out naked, sometimes touching each other. But the other night giving her a shower, sleeping together and being with you was a real breakthrough for us.”

“It was extremely exciting for me too. I have hardly been with one woman at a time and then all of a sudden I have two sexy women naked in bed with me. My cock stays hard just thinking about it all the time.”

Judy leaned across from her chair placing her hands on my thigh, “Your being there has been extremely exciting for us too. We have been talking about you and would like to have you join us some more.”

Between Judy’s hand my leg and her talking about being with them, my cock was starting to grow in my swimsuit. “That sounds like it will be amazingly exciting. What are you guys thinking about?”

“You know how I told you I wanted to have someone watch you fuck me?”

“Yes, and you were thinking about Sharon when we talked about it. You even mentioned it while she was playing with your pussy last weekend and I was jacking off for you.”

“I talked to her about it some more and she extremely is excited about it. She masturbated while I talked about her watching me fucking you and came with me just talking about it. I can only imagine what she might do watching it live.”

Judy’s hand went up my swimsuit, found my hardening cock and squeezed it . She was smiling at me, “This is making you very hard.”

I groaned and smiled at her. We were headed to a fairly deserted area of the lake and there was no one out on the lake anywhere near us.

She gently squeezed my cock. Looking up at me she said, “Do you want to fuck Sharon too? We have always had a deal where we did not fuck the guy the other one is seeing.”

I smiled at her, “Of course I would, she is a very sexy woman, but like I told you before, I am not going to do anything to mess up what we are doing.”

“That is almost exactly what Sharon said to me. Although it might Kartal escort be exciting to watch you fuck her too,” she said smiling at me.

My cock jumped as she said that. It would be unbelievable if I got to fuck Sharon too. Judy was looking around to see if anyone was nearby. Not seeing any boats around she removed her top with her free hand and leaned over to kiss me. I reduced the power on the engine eventually letting us glide to a stop and turning the engine off. Judy broke off the kiss leaned back, dropped to her knees between the seats, pulled her hand from my swimsuit and grabbed the waistband to pull my suit down. I turned sideways in the seat and lifted my ass up to give her room to remove my suit which she threw under the console with her bikini top. Taking my cock back in her hand, she leaned forward and began to lick my cock, all around the tip and then up and down the entire shaft. She began lightly stroking my cock and was rubbing her tits against my cock. Being naked with her outside was really turning me on.

She resumed licking my cock and taking the tip in her mouth. With her other hand, she reached into her bikini bottoms and started playing with her pussy. Judy was teasing my cock and peeking up at me as she sucked the head of my cock. Placing her mouth over the head she slowly began to take me into her mouth, sliding all the way down with her nose touching my the base of my cock. I could feel my cock in her throat. She stayed like that for a a bit and raised up deeply inhaling as she came up. She looked at me and smiled.

Standing partially up (the cover was over this part of the boat), she turned around and pulled the ties on her bikini bottoms, letting them fall to her feet. With her ass right in my face she leaned over exposing her ass and pussy in front of me. I could see her fingers rubbing outside of her pussy as she backed up to me. I sat up and started kissing her ass as I ran my hands along her legs and ass. She leaned forward on the passenger seat giving me better access to her pussy which she was now pushing two fingers into.

I reached out with my tongue and licked her pussy from behind, sucking on her fingers as I did so. Her pussy was getting extremely wet between her fingers and my sucking/licking.

Her fingers were moving faster and I could feel her starting to tremble a bit.

Looking back she said, “I need your cock in me.”

Pushing me back into the seat she started to sit down, grabbing my cock and lining it up with her pussy. Placing my cock head at the entrance to her pussy, she sat in my lap taking my cock into her in one motion. She gasped as I bottomed out in her. Placing her hands on my knees she began to grind herself against me. She started to slide up and down my cock, slowly picking up the pace of riding me. I reached up grabbing her hips and started thrusting up to meet her downward movement. Her pussy was clenching my cock as she rode me and her breath was becoming labored. I felt her body tense up and she slammed down on my cock, her pussy squeezing it, her body trembling and her breathing uneven. She ground against me as the orgasm rolled over her.

Her breathing slowly returned to normal. I began to slowly thrust against her, I was close to cumming too.

She looked back at me, “I want you behind me,” she said.

Pulling off of me she got down on her hands and knees between the seats. I got up and moved behind her, grasping my cock and guiding it back into her hot, wet pussy. Grabbing her hips, I began to fuck her, wanting to cum.

“Oh, god, fuck me,” she said as she pushed back against me.

I was starting to breath harder, grabbing her hips, pounding into her pussy from behind, my cum building up to explode.

Judy looked back, “Cum on my ass, I want to feel you on me.”

I grunted a yes, she had asked just in time, my first shot went into her pussy.

Pulling my cock out, grabbing it and aiming at her ass, I stroked the rest of my cum onto her ass. Cum pooled on her and ran into the crack of her ass.

“Oh god, your cum is so Kurtköy Escort hot on me. I love it when you cum on me.”

“I enjoy cumming where ever you want. Some shot in you too.”

“I know, I could feel it pulse when you started.”

I leaned over her my cock rubbing in the crack of her ass, my cum sticking to both of us.

Judy looked back and grinned, “I am going to clean up.”

She stood up walked to the back of the boat, looked around and then jumped into the water. I jumped up and dove in after her. It was amazing swimming naked. Felt so free Judy swam over to me, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me.

“Thank you,” she said.

“For what?”

“Being with you has really opened me up. There are lots of things I had thought about doing but had held back. Never thought I would wind up fucking a student of mine, but once I did it kinda opened every thing up to me. Probably would not had gotten the opportunity to open up to Sharon without us fucking around.”

“I appreciate the things you have taught me. So exciting to be with you, something new has happened every time.”

“This is so nice, I love floating here naked. I should have done this years ago.”

“It is very exciting, I love being naked like this.”

We swam together for a few minutes. Judy moved to the boat and got back on-board. I followed her back onto the boat. We both grabbed a beer and sat in the rear seats drinking, naked, soaking up the sun.

“Can we hang out here a bit?”, Judy asked.

“I don’t see why not. What do you have in mind?”

“Have never nude sunbathed before. Wanted to just hang here for a while, listen to some music, have a couple of beers and tan a bit.”

“No one is around. We can hang out as long as we want.”

We sat in the back enjoying the sun and a couple of beers.

Judy looked at her chest, “I am getting a little red here, not use to having my tits out in the sun. Do you have any sun tan lotion?”

“Yes.” I moved to the towel bag, grabbed a tube of lotion and tossed it to her.

Catching it she looked at me and chuckled, ” I think this would work better if you put it on me.”

I stepped over to her smiling and she handed me the lotion. Squirting some onto her chest, I rubbed her tits, upper body and arms with the lotion. I then put more on her stomach and spread it over her stomach and down over her pelvis and pussy area. Finally I applied some more to her legs and spread it around paying particular attention to her inner thighs and pussy.

“I think you got that covered,” she laughed. Judy stood up and moved to the front of the boat. It was an open bow with two bench seats in the front. She laid down on her stomach, “Can you put lotion on my back?”

“Oh yes.”

I squirted lotion on her back and down over her ass. Rubbed the lotion onto her back, shoulders, ass and down her legs. Coming back to her pale white ass I made sure it was covered with lotion.

Looking back at me she smiled, “I think you have that covered too. Looks like you need some lotion on you.”

Taking the lotion from me she had me turn away from her. I felt her lotion covered hands squeezing my ass and down the back of my legs, her hand slipping in the crack of my ass touching my balls. Pushing on my ass, she turned me to face her, my cock right in her face.

Judy spread more lotion on her hands, leaning forward to spread it on my thighs, her head moving forward, mouth opening and taking my 1/2 hard cock into her mouth. Working her hands up my inner thighs, she began massaging lotion onto my balls. My cock began to grow in her mouth. She placed her hands on my ass and began to pull me into her mouth. Soon my cock was fully hard again.

She slowly sucked my cock for a couple of minutes and then pulled her head back. Smiling up at me she said,”Tasty but I want to wait a bit for it. I’m going to get some more sun.” she said as she laid on her stomach on the front bench.

I was staring at her hot, naked, greased up body as I moved back to the drivers seat. Grabbing another beer, Maltepe Escort I sat there listening to the radio and watching Judy lay in the sun. I occasionally stroked my cock as I watched her ass.

After about 30 minutes, Judy sat up and said,”I have probably sunned enough. Some of these parts have never been in the sun, don’t want to burn them.”

I chuckled as she moved through to the rear of the boat. She looked around again, no one in sight.

“I am going to rinse off,” she said as she jumped off the back of the boat. I jumped in to join her. We swam for a few minutes washing most of the lotion off of ourselves and then climbing back into the boat.

“We should probably be heading back,” Judy said.

“Yeah, we still need to get back to your car,” I said a little disappointed.

“Why the pouty face?”

“I am enjoying being out here like this and don’t want it to end. But I know it has to.”

Judy stepped to me and taking me in her arms kissed me. She slid her naked body down my body onto her knees, “We don’t have to leave this second,” she smiled up at me.

Cupping my balls in her hands she took my cock into her mouth and began to gently suck on it. My cock again began to harden in her mouth and she gently squeezed my balls and with one finger massaging the area between my balls and asshole (I would later find out this was the perineum and love to have it massaged and fingered). I was groaning and trying to push my cock deeper into her mouth. She let me fuck her mouth for a bit while she fingered her pussy and clit. Putting her hand on my hips she stopped my thrusting.

“I want you in me,” she said pulling her mouth from my cock.

I nodded and she moved to passenger chair. I pulled on the chair and it folded down to where we could lay on it. Judy got on her back and pulled her legs up to her chest and I crawled in between her legs and holding my cock I pushed against her pussy slowly entering her wet, soft warm pussy. I loved the look on her face as my cock slid all the way into her. She wrapped her legs around me and I began to slide my cock in and out of her. I was slowly fucking her, watching her. She began pushing against me as I drove deep into her pussy.

“Fuck me harder.”

I unwrapped her legs from me and pulled them up in the air giving me more open access to her pussy. She was massaging her tits as I began to slam into her as hard as I could.

She was really getting excited telling me, “Fuck me, fuck me hard. Cum deep in me, fill me up.”

Her telling me to fuck her like that finally drove me over the edge and I rammed my cock as deep into her as I could, I could feel my cock pulsing my cum into her as I filled her pussy.

Judy shot a hand down to her pussy and I could feel her fingering around her clit. As I was finishing I felt her body tense and she clamped down on my cock as her orgasm raced through her. After a minute or so her body relaxed and I let her legs fall to our side. My cock slid out of her pussy, trailing a line of cum that ran down her crack to her ass.

“Come up here and let me taste,” she said.

I stepped next to her head and she licked our combined juices from my cock. She really loved tasting us mixed together. After cleaning my cock off, she reached down to her pussy and scooping up some of the cum that had leaked out of her onto her fingers, she brought it to her mouth and licked them clean.

I sat down and she looked at me from the seat she was laying on.

“I did not know boating could be so much fun,” she said smiling.

“Me either.”

“We should get going, can you hand me my suit?”

I handed her the bikini. She stood up, cum running down her upper thigh, tied the bottoms into place and pulled the top on. She wiped the cum from her thigh and swiped it into her mouth. I grabbed my suit and slipped it on.

Judy kissed me as I started the boat, I could taste us on my lips as we kissed.

Driving back across the lake, Judy looked at me, “We need to arrange a weekend you can stay with us.”

“I think I know when. Let me see what I can get arranged.”

She nodded and sat back in the seat lost in thought as she looked out across the water.

We would be getting together again and probably with Sharon. The thought of it was making me horny again. Let’s see what the next meeting brings.

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