Finding Each Other

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I have had many interesting relationships over the years but none that compares with those of last year. In February, I met a woman who was an investor in a business scheme that I was investigating as a radio talk-show host. She was attractive and looked to be an easy mark for a con artist. I spoke with her and within a few days she had canceled out on her business deal. She invited me for a drink to thank me for saving her money; then a reciprocating invitation to my place for a simple dinner and conversation.

When Sheryl, a 5’4″, 110#, green-eyed blonde, showed up expecting champagne to warm up to the night’s anticipated events, she instead received passionate kisses whilst I slipped her jeans off, pushing her to the living room floor as I did so, and feasting on her delectable cunt. Following her delightful moans of ecstasy, several orgasms later, we retired to the upstairs bedroom to begin the seduction.

Sheryl is in her early 40’s, ‘straight’ and not into drugs, smoking or alcohol. She dresses professionally conservative and her only fantasy when we met was to be able to spend a whole night with her married lover. Following her last marriage, she had several one-night stands and preferred to “hump ’em and dump ’em” rather than work on a relationship. One of her dates (she belonged to a dating service) invited her to a swing party. He would buy her erotic clothing that she gave to Goodwill. She decided that the date was a voyeur and a pervert, resulting in another rejection.

Sheryl enjoyed my recounting of past tales that created new fantasies for Sheryl. Stories like an ex-wife who would dress in a fur coat, heels and thigh highs for an evening on the town; being sucked off while driving with the top-down in a large metropolitan city; fucking my secretary on my desk and other stories, too many to relate now. I am an investigative reporter in a large city. This allows me the opportunity to meet many people; one of special interest is the proprietor of a major swing club.

Sheryl and I made only one agreement in seeing each other, that neither of us wanted a committed or monogamous relationship. We both enjoyed the freedom to meet other people and did not want jealous, possessive or full-time partners who inhibited that freedom. Without restrictions, our relationship blossomed and we enjoyed many days and nights of pleasure. She gives the best head in town and could suck my cock dry and then revitalize it for another long sensuous session of lovemaking. She is, fortunately, multi-orgasmic and has many vaginal orgasms along with a silence piercing clitoral one. Her nipples, when sucked and pinched, lead her to a wild frenzy and more orgasms. She is quite unusual in her sensitivity to pleasure. Sucking on her tongue, playing with her earlobe, chewing on her shoulder, pinching the flesh between her thumb and forefinger all cause orgasms. What a lover she is! She credits me for bringing out these newfound sources of sexual excitation.

Sheryl now seemed very interested in exploring her own sexuality as she had found someone who cared for her, encouraged her personal sexual growth and was a positive nurturing lover; one who appreciated her independence and was mentally as well as sexually stimulating. She dropped her other lovers (including her affair) and settled in with me. We both enjoyed incredible sex. Once introduced to anal sex she went wild and now begs for it often. I remember that first time vividly. She was hot and wet from multiple orgasms resulting from my cock pounding away in her cunt. I took some of her pussy juice and inserted my finger in her ass. I replaced my finger with my thumb. My cock was slippery with her come; I placed the cockhead against her nether hole and she pushed back against me while on her hands and knees, allowing the head to slip in, followed by seven inches of my member. Sheryl mewled with delight. She had her first orgasm from anal penetration. Then I came!

She started to read the Variations and Forum Magazines lying on the bed stand, getting fired up, hot and wet with each issue. At first she found some of the stories and letters hard to believe but, as you will see, they served as validation for a lifestyle to come.

We talked of fantasies and other things. We enjoyed watching X-rated videos at home. Surprisingly, Sheryl had never seen an X-rated movie. I had been planting images in her mind of how good it would feel to have one cock in her mouth and another in her cunt; how it would feel to suck on another woman’s cunt while I was in her ass. I thought that she would jump at the chance for the former. Instead, Sheryl said she was intrigued with the thought of exploring a sexual encounter with another woman. The idea sent incredible shock waves through my body. Isn’t this every man’s dream: a ménage a’ trois with two women? I was now truly determined to give Sheryl (and me) her wish.

As I am a consummate networker, I remembered Crystal, 33, 5’1″ about 100 pounds, a CPA who I bedded on several occasions. She had expressed her own feelings izmir escort that she was bisexual. Having never had an opportunity to find out, it was simply a fantasy she shared with me. A phone call on a Sunday noon brought Crystal to my home to meet Sheryl. The three of us drank coffee and Kahlua and later began to hug, kiss and fondle one another. I had to go upstairs and Sheryl suggested to Crystal that they should get it on with me. They came upstairs and Crystal started to get real passionate. Our necking led to our clothes being literally torn off, one by the other. Sheryl joined us and took part in the activities at hand.

We raced to the bedroom. My cock was at attention. Sheryl sucked on my cock until it glistened with her saliva. Crystal begged for my cock and Sheryl pushed me on top of Crystal and helped slip my cock into her tight, waiting cunt. Sheryl said, “Pump her hard, I want to eat your come out of her cunt.”

I fucked Crystal with her legs over my shoulders, on her back, on her hands and knees. Then I came, pulled out and Sheryl started sucking up my come from Crystal. Crystal took my cock in her mouth and got me ready to go again. I started to fuck Sheryl from the rear and she came several times. Sheryl and Crystal got into a “69” position and started having simultaneous orgasms. I took turns fucking each of them and then pulled out and watched the two of them make love and satisfy each other. Several hours later, the three of us just cuddled and talked of this new adventure, falling asleep late into the night.

Sheryl and I discussed this first ménage a’ trois the next day. She needed me to talk with her about my feelings for her and those for Crystal. Sheryl was able to process the scene and have a better understanding of her wants and needs. She felt reassured. She was growing!

Sheryl was coming out. We went to a dance that swingers go to as a lead generator to find others who enjoy the lifestyle of “play couples”. Sheryl looked quite fetching in a little cocktail dress. She loves to dance and is quite gregarious. Another couple at our table quickly changed to comfortable dance clothes (it was a beachwear night). We were not able to bring other clothes as straight friends dropped Sheryl off at the club and I had just finished work and was dressed accordingly. We danced and watched as others shifted into some touchy, feely situations. It was a turn-on for us. I asked Sheryl if she wanted to take off her panties. She did, and when we danced she was wearing only her cocktail dress, heels, and thigh highs. I maneuvered her to where the couple from our table was dancing. They reached out to us and we danced as a four-some. The other man had his hand under Sheryl’s dress and was playing with her very wet cunt. I was doing the same to his partner. He took her top off and I slipped down Sheryl’s dress top.

There they were. Breast to breast; kissing each other, sucking tongues and feeling each other’s cunt. We males were merely encouraging and caressing the active participants. Both women had noticeable orgasms. The nearby dancers turned and watched as they held and fondled each other.

Sheryl danced with other men who excited her by reaching under her dress and playing with her cunt. She would touch them and stroke their cocks when exposed. One she even ‘got off’ to her surprise, his come splashing on her hand and the dance floor. Neither was expecting it.

On the way home we talked about the eroticism of the evening and the feelings it created. We were both seeking closeness from this new form of “sharing” with others. Once home, we stripped each other quickly and fucked and sucked all night long (the next morning was a Saturday and neither of us had any commitments). It was the first time that Sheryl went “around the world”, taking a load of come in her mouth, cunt and ass.

Our communication was taking on new levels of intimacy and sharing. Fantasies of us with others began to emerge. It was quite an adjustment from our “traditional” past relationships. Our non-committed agreement was looking more and more “committed without exclusion” of others.

We started to rebuild Sheryl’s wardrobe. Bustiers, short leather skirts, sexy ‘little-nothing’ black cocktail dresses. Thigh-highs, high heel pumps, see-through tops, pasties, garter belts, open panties. Of course, everything was tasteful for the professional woman who was fast becoming my personal slut. She glowed in her new image . . . and her new love. I, too, basked in this glow. I continued to recount stories from my past, A New Years Eve when my ex-wife sucked me off from under the table cloth in a busy restaurant; the time I had sex at the LAX baggage claim area; fucking in the middle of the day at a beach near Monterey. Sheryl told of her wild past flings and remembered times she had passed up because of shyness and inhibitions. All of which she was overcoming now. The restrictions of the past were overshadowed by the openness of her mind. We were both intoxicated antalya escort by the new freedom we shared.

On a warm summer day we went to a barbecue at the swing house that belonged to one of my radio guests. Sheryl was uneasy but felt comfortable when she recognized her former university professors. We couldn’t stay too long because I had to fill in for a vacationing staffer at the station. However, we did get the grand tour and watched one couple play in the video room. She read a book while her male partner went down on her. Laughable, at best. Sheryl and I talked about the scene and what we liked and didn’t like about it.

We went back several weeks later. Her former professor was there as well. Sheryl sat between us on a couch. We took turns kissing her, rubbing her back and massaging her legs. He started to undo her dress top and I unhooked her front hook bra. Sheryl’s breasts are firm and small. About a 34B. We each sucked a nipple; she started to have a climax. He kissed her. Sheryl is turned on by passionate kissing. I slid off the couch and pushed her legs farther apart. She was only wearing her thigh-highs and skirt. I started sucking her cunt lips between my lips. She came. Her juices flowing into my mouth. Every one of the 30 other people in the room watched this rite of initiation.

We stood up and she walked between us in a delicious delirium. Her beautiful chest was exposed for all to see as we took her into the mat room. He and I undressed Sheryl. We fell onto the mat completely naked with Sheryl between us. We took turns kissing her lips and sucking on her nipples. She came again and again. I fed her my cock. She sucked on it feverishly. I kept pulling it away as I didn’t want to pop off too quickly. The professor started to suck on her greedy cunt. She bucked and arched her back to another wrenching orgasm. She pushed the professor away, rolled him on his back and hungrily sucked his cock, pulling away when she felt him about to come. I got behind her and pushed my cock in from the rear. More orgasms. Finally she moved forward and impaled herself on the other man’s cock and rode him until he could no longer hold back, all this while she continued to suck my cock. He and I came and she had her cunt and mouth filled at the same time. The three of us cuddled. We broke up the threesome. Sheryl and I went in the Jacuzzi to relax and watch others. Eventually we headed to the video room where I fucked her, my cock in the professor’s come. She finished me off with her mouth tasting her cunt juice, his semen and mine.

Next Sheryl started into exhibitionism. Pantyhose became passé, and were replaced by thigh-highs or gartered stockings. She had many of her skirts shortened. Sheryl was a former professional dancer and has great legs. Bra-less with see through or unbuttoned tops became de rigueur. She was a sexy sight. Valets and doormen were often treated to a view of her strawberry blonde pussy while getting in and out of cars. In glass elevators we would kiss and I would raise her skirt so that those looking up could fantasize about that which couldn’t be seen. After some champagne at an outdoor wedding reception we were walking back to our car when I grabbed her, passionately kissing her while slipping my hand under her dress and manually bringing her to a breath taking orgasm. Right on a major Coast Highway!

Halloween brought us to a costume party. Dressed as a doctor (gynecologist, of course!) and Sheryl as a Head Nurse, we were quite the pair! Sheryl wore a short lab coat, with but one button, silky white panties, a white garter belt and white stockings. When she would bend over you could see the little panties on one view and her nipples on the other. By the end of the night her panties were soaked. She tasted delicious on my fingers. Although she didn’t realize it at the time, two very attractive women were hitting on her. The RN on her collar and hat stood for “resident nymphomaniac”.

Sexy little panties became her method of letting us know that she was ready to party. We would be out to dinner or drinks with people that we were interviewing as potential play partners and she would excuse herself, go to the restroom and return, placing her panties on the table for all to see. Then it was party from there.

We met several couples with whom we had foursomes. In one case the man would climax and stay hard until his next one. His wife would have squeaky orgasms. Nothing compared with Sheryl. Another man proved to be a total challenge to Sheryl. He is the only one that she couldn’t get off. They fucked for over three hours in every position. She sucked his cock (Sheryl has the best mouth for cock sucking; she applies just the right amount of pressure and if she likes the taste of the come, will swallow it all and suck all the rest out as if the cock was a straw). Then she took her talented tongue and pushed it into the orifice in the cock head. His wife and I caressed each of the participants after we had multiple mutual kayseri escort climaxes.

Another couple joined us on several occasions. The women took turns sucking on the other man’s cock while I took each woman in rotation from the rear.

Sheryl moved in with me so that we could continue to build our relationship. That proved to be an excellent idea because it allowed more time to develop our blossoming new life together. We thought that the time had come to have a more available male for threesomes. We started interviewing. One evening Chris came to visit. We drank some wine and talked. Sheryl was getting turned on. She was wearing tight jeans and a blouse that tied at the midriff. Chris and I were sitting in chairs diagonally facing each other. Sheryl came to sit on the floor facing me. We started kissing and as we did so, I pushed her back between Chris’ legs. I took his hands and put them on her breasts and then while kissing her I unbuttoned her blouse and worked my way down to her jeans. She turned allowing me to ease her jeans off while giving her the opportunity to take Chris’ cock out and start sucking it. I slipped my pants off and put my hard cock in her sopping wet cunt.

She suggested that we go upstairs to our newly re-done French Whore bedroom, with crème satin sheets and pillow shams. She said that Chris’ cock was almost like mine. She sucked him while I fucked her. All three of us came together. Sheryl said that Chris’ semen tasted like mine and she swallowed his whole load. Chris was the one that she wanted to join us when she was ready to be fucked in the ass and cunt at the same time. Chris didn’t make the cut though. He was seeking just a one-on-one with Sheryl and she wasn’t.

Meanwhile Crystal would come by to visit and spend nights with us allowing both women to continue to explore their bisexuality. We met another bi-woman with whom we had an exciting evening. The three of us danced together and I helped each woman shed her clothes. The two women, my blonde and the other a brunette, rubbing their cunts, one to the other, were a treat to watch and to share as I went down on them both, tasting their own special scent. Sheryl is saving the brunette for a future three-woman night.

Then we met Cassandra, Cassie for short, at a coupled affair. She was stag, as they say. The chemistry was right and the three of us hit it off. We exchanged numbers and the fact that Sheryl was bi and horny. Cassie called us the next afternoon. Cassie was six inches taller than Sheryl and a well-stacked, dark redhead. A former model now businesswoman, Cassie is a head turner. We picked her up at her condo. She was wearing a very revealing formfitting, short skirt and low cut top. Sheryl was wearing tight jeans and an open blouse sans bra. We went to a Japanese restaurant and sat at a booth with Cassie between us. They openly flirted with each other and kept feeling each other under the table. It was one of the hottest, sensual sights I had seen. We left the restaurant and the two women sat in the backseat of the car as I drove home. Watching them in the rear view mirror I could see them soul kissing and massaging each other’s bare breasts. Once home I poured some wine and lit a fire. The ladies individually repaired to the bedroom each to put on a sexy teddy. While one was gone, I would play with the other, kissing and petting. When both were back I went to the bedroom to change into a black silk robe and matching shorts. Cassie apologized to me for the lack of attention but said that she definitely wanted to enjoy Sheryl. However, I would not be left out.

The redhead lay against Sheryl and started to massage her arms and back, all the while kissing her mouth. Eventually she took the top of the teddy down and sucked one of Sheryl’s nipples into her mouth. Sheryl’s back arched and she came, the first time. I stroked Cassie and nibbled her body with passionate kisses and bites. Together Sheryl and I slid Cassie’s teddy off and Sheryl slid off the couch and tasted Cassie’s cunt. Sticking her tongue all the way in to touch the ‘g’ spot. Before continuing we adjourned to our whore’s bedroom with the satin bedcovers and pillows. The hot pair started a sixty-nine on each other while I nibbled and massaged each. Cassie moaned that she needed to be fucked. Sheryl watched me mount her. Sheryl put Cassie’s legs over my shoulders and sat on her face while I fucked first fast and then slow, alternating the intensity of the thrusting.

I heard Sheryl say, “I want to eat your cum out of her.” With Sheryl urging me on, she moved behind me sucking on my balls while putting her finger in my asshole and massaging my prostate. I came. It felt as if I wouldn’t stop. I rolled off and Sheryl began nibbling on Cassie’s nipples. She moved down Cassie’s body and started licking her cunt. She sucked the cum out and pulled away long enough to kiss me on my mouth and let me taste the combined juices. Meanwhile, Cassie took my cock in her mouth and started to minister it back to health. Cassie spent the night. The sight of the two women holding, fondling and kissing each other was a sight to behold. During the night we each took turns doing the other. What a treat! Cassie said she did need some rest as the previous night she had been to a party and was up most of the night, so to speak. Ah, the plight of the unattached single woman.

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